Monday, April 5, 2010


OK, I promise I'll write more soon. Hopefully later today, in fact. But just to let everyone know I haven't disappeared off the face of the planet:

More soon, I promise. Suffice to say despite some minor setbacks, my cycling season was/is going pretty well, finally got enough points to upgrade to cat 3, though I'm waiting on the approval for that, and while I'm done with collegiate racing for the season, I'm super psyched about doing some real racing this summer. It seems like I'm actually good at this stuff, so who knows? Maybe I'll try to find a real women's team to race with, we'll see.

In the meantime, this weather is getting soooo nice out, it's making me really really miss triathlon!

It's been a really long few weeks, I'm looking forward to some kind of mini-break. We've had a lot to deal with apartment-wise (a bedbug problem that turns out may not have even been bedbugs but meant we had to wash everything and live out of garbage bags...), a lot of holidays and weekend races, watching good friends get crashed, bikes destroyed and pretty beat up- it's scary. Of course, it's also been fun (frozen margaritas in Philly with some super awesome dudes after the insane Philly Phyler race weekend), it's also been tiring, and I've just been beat mentally, emotionally, and obviously physically, and it hasn't put me in a frame of mind conducive to writing.

Like I said, more later. For now, I'm at work, then going out to enjoy the amazing Spring weather.


Anonymous said...

keep hanging in there young lady....

maija said...

Too bad on the apartment! You'll get there with the cycling.

So are you totally a cyclist now are are you still a triathlete too? ;)

Molly said...

thanks Jon, that totally made my days!

and Maija, I will NEVER be anything but a triathlete! (much to the despair of my teammates, who are trying to convert me.) Cycling without swimming and running just isn't as fun!