Friday, March 5, 2010

Feet don't fail me now!

Tomorrow is race day. In about 9 hours, I'll be setting up the course and getting ready to (attempt to) kick ass on a 3 mile time trial and then a sketchy crit.

Feet (and legs) don't fail me now!!

In less good news, I think the spider bite I have on my arm is making sick. Like, really sick. At first I didn't notice the quarter sized swollen spot on my arm til it got really red. And I guess I should have noticed the two tiny holes in it that don't seem to be healing. But it started to go away... at the same time I started feeling really crappy. So I'm a bit nervous. Nothing like racing while potentially infected with some sort of spider serum. Let's just hope my spider senses are helpful in a race?

Seriously, it sucks to have started this week so positive about the race and now be totally bummed because I feel so out of it. We'll see how everything turns out...

Now, tea and bed.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck at the race

Anonymous said...

I hope it went well!!