Monday, March 1, 2010

Indoor and Outdoor Training Days.

It was a very indoor kind of week/weekend...
We were snowbound Thursday and Friday, and Saturday was crapfest '10 outside. I went out for an hour and a half run, and finished, but my stomach was not on board with it, my legs were feeling lazy, and I was just plain not enjoying myself.

However, I did get a lot done after the run. Went to the thrift shop, got great new sneakers at Marshalls, picked up my awesome new Lazer helmet at Effingers, and ate lunch at Chipotle with one of my best friends, AJ.

Then, home for a ride on the trainer:
I know, I look soooo happy. However, it got better when my sister put on Bye Bye Birdie and singalongs commenced:
(I just like the great view of my tattoos!)

Then, Sunday with a 4 hour ride on the schedule. Inside. Whoo!
Lucky for me, the family was around to keep me entertained. My dog wanted to share my oatmeal cookie (ok, so it's not a Powerbar, whatever.) I was nice enough to share.

Then, with 30 min to go, Dad and I decided to head over to the school parking lot across the road for some cornering, u-turn, and sprint practice. So we brought over cones and he basically yelled "go faster" and "stop braking" alternately for 35 minutes. It went pretty well though- I went into u-turns and stayed at 9-10mph, and was up to 22 mph pretty quickly afterwards. And I kept it up for basically the whole practice session.

While heading home, I annoyed/impressed Dad by riding around him in tiny circles.

In other news, we changed around the apartment. Apparently I was taking over our closet, so I fixed my old dresser and brought it to New Brunswick to replace the desk we rarely used.

It had no handles, so I added these all by myself! (So proud...)

And here's one just for fun, after finally finishing a ride and cleaning up!

6 days until the Rutgers Road Race. Thank god it's nice out today, hopefully I can check out the courses finally!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Annoying/impressing dad, thats great!!

JF said...

That is a great idea. Practicing the U-turns! I always feel like I am one second away from crashing at he turn around!

Anonymous said...

Wow- that is some serious trainer training! Way to get it done. U-Turn training...genius!