Wednesday, June 16, 2010

(Good News)

1st of all, the big news:
I finally got my Cat 3 upgrade in Road Racing!
Very exciting stuff.

Also in the "Good News Category":
1. Won my first track race 3 weeks ago

2. Every week I race track, I get better and beat girls that were beating me the previous week

3. Just got my very own (cheap) track bike. So psyched to use it!

4. My birthday is this Friday- finally I'll be my race age (23)

5. My mom got me some sweet new shoes for my b-day (ok, I picked them out. And went and bought them for her. But still.)

6. I got these excellent posters for my room at my parent's house (don't laugh):
My room looks like a 15 year old dokry kid's room- the walls are painted gray, it's really small, and I've got a record player, my record collection, my sweet posters, and a bunch of stuff my mom picked out, like cute jewelry boxes and nice framed pictures of me as a kid, stuffed animals on the bed (and a zebra print throw and pillows). It's pretty excellent, it makes me feel like I should be talking on my old phone (with my old phone line that was also out internet hookup) to my old best friend about boys and clothes.

7. And this poster was for Robbie and my place in New Brunswick: (We're nerds. Obviously.)

8. Next weekend I'll be in Lake Placid for 4 days of jam-packed solid training time. I'm stoked! It'll be good to refocus, and it gives me a few days to really start thinking about IronMan, spend more time blogging and writing, and do all good for me stuff like actually eat fruits and vegetables and start leaning towards eating more vegan-friendly again.

9. Speaking of vegan, this article on "Diet and Exercise to the Extremes" about vegan ultramarathoner Scott Jurek has me seriously considering a return to being vegan. For those of you who don't know, I was vegan for a couple years, I've been vegetarian/vegan for 6 years now. When Robbie and I moved in together, I went to being vegetarian and he stopped eating meat, a good compromise. Now that we've been together for quite some time, I think it would be possible for me to go back to being vegan. The only problem is that I really really really love pizza...

10. There was also this article, and it made me go out and buy a couple of nifty huge glass vases for a new "project". Just what I needed! I used to have an obsession with terrariums as a kid, it's clearly back again.

11. Speaking of projects, I have some great fabric and I have big plans for it. Also, more changing skirts are currently in the works for Andy, Konrad, and myself.

Lots going on, as per usual. But what else is new?

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