Friday, September 10, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

While I don't have much to report on my vacation, it was an awesome few days at the beach, some great time spent with Colleen, Mom and Dad, and just a lot of having fun on my taper, despite not being able to run on the beach or surf.

The Family!

It starts with just one dog...
And somehow they multiply!!

Faith, my dog, had a series of interesting encounters with the Jack Russells, Hazel, Buster, and Lucky:

(They meet)

(Faith attempts to show Lucky who's the boss.)(Touche, Lucky!)

Colleen and I, looking very freckle-y

Dad and I, post-mountain bike ride right after a rain storm.
...and back.

About to head down to the boardwalk to do some souvenir shopping!

An awesome waterslide on the beach...
And me after going down said waterslide.
(Our Aunt's beach house that we stay in is in the residential area of VA Beach, but we're only a couple of miles from the boardwalk and the crowded beaches, which are great for things like waterslides, though I prefer our nice quiet spot!)

Speaking of our nice spot, here's the dunes and the family again!

Me complaining my stomach hurt.

...and me jumping off the dune.

And my personal favorite picture, the beach right before a storm.

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