Wednesday, September 1, 2010

IMKY... Report Coming Soon!

I survived Ironman Louisville!

It started well, it ended badly, but I finished in 13:37, not too bad considering the heat and my "stomach issues." I wasn't thrilled with how it went after mile 80 on the bike, but at the same time, I know that there was nothing I could have really done to prevent dehydration- I drank as much as I possibly could hold, but my stomach just isn't cut out for drinking enough in that kind of heat.

7 hours in the car, 5 days a the beach, 13 hours in the truck, 140.6 miles of racing, one 1 liter IV, and another 13 hours drive later, it's really nice to rejoin the world. Even if it is move-in day.

Race report is forthcoming, but I got home late Monday night, packed my car up Tuesday, and am about to go move in to our new place today, then start a bunch of classes tomorrow. So, since I want to do the race justice, it'll get done as soon as possible, but I'm not rushing. For now though:

If you zoom in, read the knuckles. And yes, that's a children's bathing suit top I raced in!

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Anne-Marie said...

Hi! I was doing a google search to try to find the DNF rate for Louisville and came across your blog. Love the blog name!

Congrats on surviving the heat and finishing- it was brutal out there!