Monday, October 18, 2010

A Photogenic Weekend

12th place in a 50+ field at Granogue, which some of you may remember as my first ever CX race last year.  Very exciting to see how far I've come in a year, and how different the course felt this time around. 
pre-race hangout!

all of our new bikes, in a row!

charlie, one of my all-time favorite people and teammates!

the course- how neat is that tower?

off camber, no problem!

post-race, still stoked!

an image to leave you with- yeah, we ride for raleigh!

Then, Sunday was my best friend from childhood's wedding!  I was his first fiance, I'm proud to say.  We were 3 at the time, but still!  It was a lovely wedding, and I'm putting up a bunch of pictures because come on, how often am I in a dress?  And wearing makeup?

we clean up nice.

i don't like this picture but colleen and robbie did!

only time colleen is taller, because her heels were higher!

my crew.

picture hijnks.

More later, but for now, it's a long work-week ahead!

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