Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Heading to CX Nationals! (and also, Win!)

In less than 2 days, I'll be in Oregon, getting ready to race at CX Nationals with Pat, Charlie, and Matt. The ECCC season just ended in a great way: I won the B Women field, got 2nd in the A Women field (since I couldn't do UCI races, I had to race A and B depending on the race.)

I also managed to get third on the second day of NBX, an insanely great race for me. It was a big and really strong field, as the New England women's fields tend to be, so that was a huge victory for me, and a great way to be going into Nationals. I'll post from Bend when I get there, I can't wait!

3rd place at NBX!

Winning the ECCC CX Conference 5 years in a row!
Post-race hangouts in the team van. <3

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