Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long Week!

Obviously, it has been a long week. Why?

Started on Monday when the 3 year old I'm a nanny for slipped on the bathroom floor and cut her chin. Lots of blood but I handled it well. Still, she needed cosmetic stitches so it won't scar. This meant that while the parents rushed to the ER, I stayed home with the 2 year old. It was midnight by the time that they got home, and I had been reading him stories for 3 hours straight. My voice was about shot.

So, got home exhausted and fell into bed. I ended up getting to sleep around 1 AM after eating way too many cookies- I was upset! Then, got up at 6 for swimming, and had a decent enough time trial.

The day got significantly better when I decided that running for an hour was going to take too long, so I decided to get speedwork out of the way in a much more fun way. I know a route that's roughly three miles, couple of hills, trails, road, a good mix for New Brunswick. So, I basically went out hard and stayed hard the entire run, sprinting when I could. You know it's a good run when you finish, walk into the driveway and realize that you are seriously considering puking. Now that's a hard run! It was acutally about 21 minutes, and the route is between 3-3.5 miles, so I'm seeing some major progress in my run.

The day then got worse when I had to babysit and keep the kids relaxed and not moving around a lot, since we didn't want to hit her stitches at all. Not easy.

It got better when Colleen came over with a lot of takeout food from the dining hall- vegan chicken nuggets and curly fries! OK, not the healthiest, but yummy.

Yesterday was a looong day at the office, designing a new window, doing a bunch of web stuff, video stuff, et cetera. I was starving by the time I hit the train, and I had cross practice immediately after. I had a cookie on the train and got home and ready as fast as possible. It was cold out though!

So, many layers later, headed to cross. It was chilly and windy and they're starting earlier now that it gets dark faster, so I'm missing a lot of the practice. I got there, FINALLY got my pedals adjusted. I only got in one loop, I had a really bad headache, maybe from the cold or being hungry. Charlie, Marcos and I rode home together afterwards, and we talked about Saturday's race- I'm pretty nervous and not feeling ready for it. But, that's kind of the point anyway- see how I do wiht little practice and find out what happens. If I'm good or tolerable, great, and if I'm not, I probably won't pusue it- I've got bigger fish to fry!

Tutored and did Iron Yoga, and this morning, getting up was pretty damn hard. Still made it to the pool for 3300 meters of various fast sets. I'm totally beat.

Still, thinking very hard about what I want for the next year. So here's the tentative list:
(Parentheses mean 'pending qualification')
  1. Philly Marathon: Nov 22, 2009
  2. (Boston Marathon): April 19, 2010 -or-
  3. 1/2 Marathon in NJ: April 19, 2010
  4. Jerseyman Half Ironman: May, 2010 (hometown race, should be fun)
  5. Mooseman Half Ironman: June 2010 (not 100% sure yet)
  6. Nautica Olympic Triathlon: July 2010
  7. NJ State Olympic Triathlon or Steelman Olympic Triathlon: July 2010 (not 100% sure yet)
  8. Ironman Kentucky: August 2010
  9. Skylands Sprint Triathlon: September 2010
  10. (Ironman Hawaii): October 2010 (hey, a girl can dream, right?)
It's a weird list because I'm not totally sure what I can afford to race. I may throw a couple sprints in, if they're in the neighborhood and cheap, since there are few places in NJ to do open water swims, and they'll be great brick workouts. It's just hard to figure stuff like this out when working 4 different jobs and trying to pay for school.

I'm also debating which tri bike to buy and how much I should spend on it. Money is just always a problem!!

Back to class and work...


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Geez, I always get tired ready your to do list

As for the bike, they are like cars, when the 2010 models role out the 2009 will be reduced, so you can get a great deal on 2009 bike and maybe real lucky if your LBS has a 2008 laying around.

Molly said...

Yeah I have a couple of amazingly discounted things I'm looking at, but even a top of the line p3 discounted a couple grand is pricey for me! On the other hand, I want a bike that'll last a long time, and is fitted really well to me. I have a friend who works at a tri shop, so he's helping me find great deals. You're right, now is the time to look around, since everyone is trying to get rid of their 2009 stock- and with the economy as it is, a lot of shops have A LOT to get rid of!