Friday, October 23, 2009

More 'Cross (last one, I promise!)

I was in a good mood from all of the positive feedback from my 'cross race, both pictures and post-race discussion. I had a sweet 'cross practice on Wednesday, just learning a lot more in terms of skills. My shoulder is killing me though!

I normally wouldn't cross over facebook to the blog, but these comments were begging to be shared:George: This looks like its straight out of bicycling magazine. sweet pic.

Ken: Now, you look determined....

Vlad: Ooooohhhhhhhh yeaaaa! Now that's a mug I would like to chug - Duff Man

Dan: I feel like most of the time when I comment on your pictures, or status, or anything, I end up writing - "badass
This will be no exception. That's so badass.

Adam: molly "eyes on the prize" hurford

(another picture of me grabbing the guy's wheel: Don replied, "YES! YES, MOLLY! YES! so proud.")

I love all of these people!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Because your mean, I had to talk myself out of cyclocross, and I decided I dont want to clean cogs, derailers, cassettes, chains, hubs, cranks after every single ride.

Missy said...

Yeah, looks like fun and games but a LOT of work cleaning afterwards. I hope you gave your sis a big ole hug when you were super muddy!!!

Molly said...

damn right I did! also saw an ex there and gave him a nice muddy hug (after he had already cleaned up, of course!)

and sorry i keep mentioning it, but you're damn right- it's a ton of cleanup, it's gross as hell, and aside from that, my damn shoulder hurts and my knee is all twisted. it's not as "glamorous" as the pictures make it out to be, lol!