Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Posts to Come, I promise!

I've been a bad bad blogger (hangs head in shame).

Finals, an injured foot, a long cross season, and an actual rest week, plus a lot of extra work have made posting less than frequent. But.... I went on my first run in a month the other day- just a short 30 minute one- and my foot felt ok! So I think the healing process is moving along, I'm just happy that and a lot of my other health issues decided to pop up now instead of earlier in the season. More on that to come later, but for now, I'm going to bed in a few minutes to prep for a day in NYC and a tattoo adventure tomorrow.

Before I go, my friend Matt and I also made a million of these shirts last week:

Cute, right?

We think so.

It's been a long couple of weeks....


Missy said...

Great t-shirt! What killer pictures of Cyclocross. Always looks like a burning fun good time but too much for this little chicken;)

Mike Russell said...

I don't think that shirt is as cute as it is tough. Great logo by the way. Did you design it?

Molly said...

nah, i can't take credit, my good friend matt did the design, i just helped spray paint about a million of them!
and missy, that was my thoughts exactly going into season- a resounding "ahh hell no!" whenever I saw a course. but crashing in the mud is a helluva lot more fun than smashing into pavement!