Friday, January 15, 2010

In Other News...

More about my real life later, but I had to share this sweet song called "Molly Made" that my friend Rob wrote in high school and recorded now, 8 years later, in a sweet ska format. It's about when I used to make him clothes and read lots of books. It's basically made my whole 2010 seem a lot more awesome.

Check the lyrics:

She’s got some cloth, needle, and some string
She can make almost anything/
A five speed singer sewing like a dream
She rocks it hard even on a flat seem/
With her thimble she is well protected
Don’t ask her out because you'll get rejected/

Her mom took her dew and they just closed the library/
She’ll go on sewing just you wait and see

Its Molly made she’s sewin’ never know quite where she’s goin’/
Its Molly made it aint kitsch cause it’s made with a drop stitch

I got a problem, don’t know what to where
No need to fret no it’s not time to despair/
I call her up yeah she’s got her own phone line
Tell her that I need a new shirt design/
A dash of glitter from the five and dime
Some safety pins and its done in no time/

She read Nancy Drew when she wasn’t supposed to/
I recited her poem as a Montague

She was a girl scout so her merit badge says
Look at the stitchin’ its so bitchin it’s the best that there is/
Some people buy their clothes at the store
Spend all their money on quality that’s poor/
Abercrombie was never for me
I rather wear something made by Molly/

I love it.

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