Friday, January 22, 2010

The Up Side of Being a Triathlete...

Things I did today:
1. Had a playdate with a 3 year old- we played with Legos and had string cheese as a snack!
2. Watched a movie called Chomp Chomp about junkyards with said three year old, and was very invested in it.
3. Splashed around in the pool for an hour!
4. Played- ok, ran- in the park
5. Rode my bike to the gym
6. Took a nap
7. Put off doing homework

Being a triathlete and a nanny basically means I'm a little kid...

In other news, I woke up and my neck was killing me. I guess I got a little bit of whiplash from the crash yesterday, or pulled a muscle, so it's super sore. Swimming hurt just a tiny bit. And my hip bruised up pretty nicely, it's now a 6x6 inch circle of black bruise surrounding a few pretty deep scratches. Other than that, I'm great.

I was exhausted today, since I had to get up at 6 for work after going to bed at midnight, after a day of extra strength tylenol and just my body trying to heal. So I got home from nannying, went straight to the gym, swam, went home, ate and passed out for a hour. I felt a million times better after that, and went for a lovely run through the park right before it got dark out. It went much better than I expected it to, thankfully. My knee seems to be getting a lot better, and my hip didn't hurt too much...

Now, it's a long weekend ahead- bike and a long run tomorrow, then a looong bike (75 or 100 miles) on Sunday followed by yoga. I'm excited!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats why we really do tris, to be a kid again, greatest sport around

Missy said...

I always wondered why more kids didn't tri - I mean what kid have you seen that is NOT having fun while swimming, biking or running?

Love the new do!