Monday, February 22, 2010

A few random thoughts...

Just figured out the downside of riding a century then commencing regular training the next day...

I can't stop eating! Seriously, it's insane how hungry I am today.

On the bright side, had a thoroughly excellent weight set with Matt at the gym today. Hello leg muscles!

And in other news, note the sweet super short buzzed sides... I know the mohawk isn't up, but this is how it looks most of the time:

Oh yeah- I was looking through some old stuff and stumbled across these articles from when I was writing for ELLEgirl, the teen magazine. Check out how "punk rock" I totally am:
(Yes that's my zine Deviant Behavior. And it's me posed on the cover of it. Wearing a Sex Pistols backpatch on my jacket. Whatever.)

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