Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Havin' a Heat Wave...

If you live in the MidAtlantic, you know what it's been like here the past few days. Hot, hotter and hottest- I did a run in 108 degrees yesterday. This does not make for the most comfortable climate for training or for moving, and I've been busy with both.

We finally got all of our stuff moved out of the apartment, thank goodness. However, I'm beginning to feel like a real estate agent, since Robbie and I are trying to get the place rented- the sooner it goes, the sooner we don't have to pay rent on a place we aren't living in. We'll be free Sept. 1 regardless, but we're hoping to get it rented for August. So, keep your fingers crossed for us! We're showing it a lot this week, hoping someone is interested.

4th of July weekend was just a long training weekend- 6 hour tough ride Saturday followed by an hour long hill run, followed thankfully by an ice bath. Sunday was a bit harder, my stomach was not interested in working properly, so running was tough, and the heat made everything worse. On the bright side, my dad and I completed another year of our tradition- riding our bikes to the parade in Lebanon, about 15 miles of hills away. Dad's been doing the ride on July 4 for over 30 years, and I've been with him on it for the past 3. It's pretty neat, having something like that every year.

Monday, my sister, her best friend and I went to the beach. It was boiling out! Still, I got this picture of me, which I'm kind of fond of:
I need a haircut. Hopefully this week...

Anyway, I have some big plans in the works, writing, life and training-wise. In the immediate future, I'm finally racing at the track again tonight- after 4 weeks of not being able to go- and next weekend is the NYC Nautica Olympic Triathlon, my first elite-amateur event. I'm super psyched, and it's even better because right after the triathlon, I'm driving to Queens to Kissena for a track omnium! The tri starts at 5:56 (or my wave does anyway), so I should have plenty of time to get to Queens by noon, though I may not be racing too fast.

Right now, training (and blogging) are hard because we aren't living in any one place, we're drifting between Robbie and my parents' houses, with the occasional layover in New Brunswick crashing on a couch. That means a lot of time without a computer, and a whole lot of training issues, the main one being not having easy pool access at the moment. The other is that I don't like riding or running at Robbie's- the area is nice but it's just not my favorite for a good ride or run. So it's a struggle, and it will be for a while, I'm sure. Heck, we may end up commuting next year, which sucks but would save money. It sucks being a big kid sometimes...

Anyway, back to work!

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