Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My 200th Post!

I have a couple race reports I'm doing posts on, but first, some regular catching up:

The good news: Robbie and I got our old place rented out, got back out security deposit in full and with interest, and have applied to an apartment building we really like. Hopefully we'll find out today if we get the place or not, so fingers crossed! It's been a long month and we still won't really have a place to live until September (assuming we get the apartment) but since we'll be on vacation at the end of August, living with the parents a few more weeks isn't the worst thing that could happen.

Now we just have to worry about all kinds of fun stuff like sorting through all of our stuff from the old place, getting new furniture, packing up clothes again, moving in, etc... all 2 days after I do IMKY, and the same day that school starts. Woo hoo!

Speaking of school, I am super stoked to be going to school full-time again for the Fall. I missed it so much! If I could be a student forever, I definitely would. If getting an English PhD made any financial sense, I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, it doesn't. However, Robbie and I are tossing around the idea of going to Iowa State after he graduates and doing different MFA programs- him in Creative Writing for poetry, me for either CW fiction, or the literature Master's program they have. And bonus? They have what appears to be a really solid tri team at the school, making it way more appealing to me. So, we'll see what happens in the next 3 years or so...

Other than that, not a lot going on. It's been hectic but uninteresting, for the most part. Monday night I managed to get "door-ed" while biking over to a friend's place at night, I was ok but pretty bruised and my shoulder was killing me all of yesterday, so I couldn't swim. My neck felt off too, but with a good night's sleep, it feels much better- last night it hurt to swallow, now it's feeling pretty decent. I need to get to a chiropractor some day soon though.

I've had a couple of amazing weeks of racing, reminding me why I love this sport, but also definitely sending the message to my brain and body that I am much happier on a short course than a long one. I think this year will be my first and only Ironman, though of course, I'm not ruling anything out. 3 days ago, I did the Nautica NYC Triathlon, PR-ed with a 2:24 finish (good considering I haven't trained for this distance at all), and was the 28th female overall, out of about 2000. It was my first elite age-group race, which meant a dive start... but more on that in it's own post. Also PR-ed and got to check off my first summer goal of getting a sub-20 5k- at the Sprintin Clinton 5k two weeks ago, I finished in 19:37, 3rd female and 16th overall out of about 300. Pretty stoked.

Lastly, a list of things I've been thinking about while training, or while thinking about training.
  1. When I'm on the trainer, I ride faster when I watch episodes of The Batman Superman Adventures or the Justice League, as opposed to watching the Tour or a triathlon special.
  2. Also, Hercules and Mulan, the Disney movies. Why? 2 words: training montages.
  3. Sometimes when I run alone in the park near my house, I assume that there are zombies chasing me. This makes me go faster.
  4. Same is true for any open water swimming that I do.
  5. Speaking of swimming, I am steadily liking it less and less these days. Maybe it's because getting to the pool is a pain in the butt since Robbie and I don't have a place in New Brunswick at the moment. Or maybe it's the really long swims that are scheduled. Or maybe I just hate swimming inside when it's so nice out. Regardless, down with swimming!
  6. I did make a new friend while aqua-jogging though. He's racing next weekend in LP, along with a couple other people I know and love (good luck to all of you racing!) He and I have done a couple races together (unknowingly) and we keep showing up to swim and aqua-jog at the same time, so we get to chat while running. It's nice to meet another triathlete!
At any rate, race reports coming momentarily, hopefully there are still people reading this, despite my spotty performance updating and keeping up with everyone else lately!

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