Thursday, March 12, 2009

Biking: the most fun you can have with padded bibs on.

Yesterday may not have been as fun as Tuesday, but it certainly was productive. While hill repeats were really tempting, they happened at the one time of day I was busy. But I more that made up for it with 2 hours of intervals on the trainer. It feels really good to actually do something other than just pedal for an hour on the trainer, as I've been inclined to do. It makes the time go much faster too!

In addition, I:
1. Wasted 2 hours of my life making copies. I'm a research assistant, so it's sorta in the job description.
2. Ate a bagel and ordered a ton of Gu stuff! (ahem, Tango Mango sports drink)
3. Went swimming with Vlad, talked about the relay tri we're doing in June
4. Pumped some iron to be buff for Spring break!
5. Actually remembered to do some stretching
6. Put my own CatEye Velo5 onto my bike, even troubleshooting it on my own
7. Packed a race bag for the weekend, though I still need to wash all of my stuff, as it's pretty offensive.
8. Found out I won this crazy award for Health and Science Journalism at Rutgers, so that's pretty awesome, since it comes with a $1000 check and a weekend of networking with people in the field, which should be awesome.
9. Fretted to Dad about what to do with my life and furthering my education: take a year off to earn money? Take a couple of classes during that time? Enroll full time and get loans? Do alternate route to get my teaching certification? While I want it to be June so I can move, I'm dreading deciding what to do with my life!


Today, I just went to the gym for an hour and a half, and rode outside on the mountain bike for about an hour. So, pretty tame training day, but I'm hoping it will be more effective. Now that we're racing, I'm trying to cut down on training hours by a tiny bit so I'll have more energy on weekends. Getting very nervous about the marathon in a week and a half, but since it's not a priority race, I'm trying to think of it as something that's awesome if I finish, but ok if I don't. I just wish it didn't involve driving 7.5 hours to get there!

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