Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a Cheap Trick!

Yesterday was pretty great.

Woke up at 5 AM to a terrifying cat eating plastic and growl/meowing at me, after having watched Ghost Hunters for a few hours. And yes, when I stay at Robbie's parent's house I sleep with a night light. The guest room scares me!

Anyway, went home to New Brunswick and hit the gym to swim for an hour. Once again, the women's locker room was closed, so I was swimming in my old tri gear and crappy goggles with no swim cap. And changing in the men's staff locker room. Unpleasant. My hip was a little grumpy, so I swam 40 min and aquajogged another 20. Aquajogging alone kind of sucks a lot.

Then, home, shower and out to lunch with Pat, who I hadn't seen in a few months. It was interesting catching up because when we were really close, we were both in really low points of our lives, and now we're both doing really well. So while there isn't as much interesting drama to chat about, that's kind of a really good thing.

Don and I biked to first bridge, and it was really cool realizing how easy a first bridge ride is now compared to two months ago. Granted, we were going at a pretty relaxed pace, but little stuff like my cornering has improved a lot since I started riding. Of course, I still have plenty to work on!

Went prom dress shopping with my sister, tried on a bunch of the ugliest dresses I could to keep her company. Then, the highlight of the night: my first trip out to a bar with friends since the night I turned 21.

I was meeting Don and company at Harvest Moon at 10:15, but they were running really late. Which meant that for about half an hour, I had to sit at the bar and fend off a) a chemist from Canada "traveling a lot and going to Budapest next week" who didn't seem to believe that I was actually meeting people, b) about ten guys that told me that a "lady should never have to wait" for her friend. Yeesh. Are people really still that corny?

My bad mood evaporated pretty fast once everyone showed up though, and "staying 20 more minutes because I have work early" sorta turned into 2 hours. I've heard Don talk a lot about karaoke, and watching him and Will definitely lived up to my high expectations. And I admit, when a guy was singing "When you were young" by The Killers, I was ready to sing. I sincerely doubt that I ever would alone, but I think if Don or Will or someone was with me, I'd do it. I still felt really awkward most of the night, but that's sort of a constant anyway, so I still had a lot of fun. It's been a really long time since I've been out with friends, and I've never gotten to go to a karaoke night or anything like that, unless basement show sing-alongs count. It was a good change of pace for me, and I loved getting to see Don and Will outside of bike-related stuff. It's kind of nice having friends again.

On the down side, I went outside to bike to work this morning and I could barely see since i t was snowing so hard. Worst way to start a morning- cold and soaked on a train for 45 minutes. Plus, on the walk to work, my legs started hurting. Time to start drinking as much tonic water with quinine as possible before Sunday. I'm not feeling confident about finishing, but it's supposed to be really nice out, so it'll be fun. I almost wish I was going to Delaware with the team instead though.

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