Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marathon Barbie!

Yesterday was pretty nightmare-ish in terms of leg pain. But luckily, when I woke up today, my legs were stiff but I was alive. Took a really slow 1 hr trainer ride, then made some oatmeal and attempted to do some work. Instead of doing work, I pretty much watched Robbie play poker online.

Bullied my sister into uploading these for me:
Robbie and I a few minutes before the race started.

This picture is hilarious- I'm grimacing with pain, my posture is crazy from cramping, and my feet aren't touching the ground. Also, with the pink shorts, I'm totally Marathon Barbie.

So very happy that the race is finally over. On the up side, my hair looks like an Irish dancer's wig, with the big headband and curls all over the place. I would know, since I used to have to wear one back in my competitive dancing days. On the down side, this was when I ceased to be able to walk without copious help from Robbie and Mom.

Anyway, back to today... Went to class- which involved biking uphill, thankfully not too painful- and then went to the gym. Did a 30 min ab and arm set, then swam 45 min and aquajogged for 45 min with Don. We talked about the races from this past weekend, and my aspirations to move up to the B's, so I get more race time, even if it means I may not do as well. I'm ok with it though. I'd rather get the experience of longer races, plus I may actually do better with longer courses, since I'm primarily an endurance person provided my legs behave.

In all, feeling good.

1. Karaoke on Thursday. Sing a damn song!
2. Sign up for Women's B's for Philly
3. Order new swimsuits as soon as I get paid
4. Apply for a summer job working at Readington school's summer rec program
5. Finish and send out an article about community colleges with green tech programs

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