Tuesday, June 23, 2009

32 Days To Go

I realized that I thought I had a ton of time before my "A" race of the season, the NJ State Tri, but it's only a month away! That may seem like a lot of time, but I have a lot of distance work that I need to reintroduce to my schedule (unlike the LSD distance stuff I've been doing) and especially a lot of work on the run if I want it to be fast enough by race day. I've had so many sprint-oriented stuff lately, so now it's time to get down to business- I know I could do an Olympic tomorrow and do fine, but I want to do really well.

So, to work! I just figured out a tentative new schedule to stick with for the next week, and if it seems like it's working, great. I also found someone in New Brunswick interested in running with me, so thank god I'll have someone to make me go faster.

Yesterday I ran for 90 minutes, pretty casually. Other than some stomach upset, it went pretty well, so I was happy. I went farther in the 90 min that I could last time, so a definite improvement. However, when I hit the stationary bike at the gym last night (I forgot my bike shoes at my parent's house!), my quads cramped badly and I had to get off after 25 min. They felt ok today but still panged when I swam for an hour, so I decided against running after my weight set and contented myself just biking home and relaxing.

I did get a foam roller at Target, and I'm excited to try it out. I'm hoping it helps a bit. We also got a Booster Gold action figure (from the Justice League Unlimited cartoons we love), and I was incredibly excited about that. Pictures coming soon...

Our poor apartment still is missing a doorknob and needs one room repainted, among other things, but lately we've been stuck in a vortex of family events that haven't given us time to get things done. That and I keep forgetting to bring tools with me when I go back and forth...

I also have been paying a bit more attention to my diet, which needs some serious help if I'm planning on being in top shape for the race in July. I mixed black beans, salsa and avacado together last night and for lunch today, creating a disgusting but yummy mess when eaten with tortilla chips. It was a rough weekend for eating well, since we went form family to family and got tons of yummy desserts shoved at us. Plus, both families make a lot of veg food for us, so we feel like we have to eat a lot because they're so proud of themselves. Not that I'm complaining exactly.

I've also joined Training Peaks and slowtwitch.com's forums- I'm liking the forum from what I've seen, but Training Peaks is a little too technical for me at this point- it's so much work just to key in a workout! Maybe if I get a HR monitor that would work with it, I'd be inclined to use it more. Too bad I lost my Nike Ipod attachment- I wonder where it could have gone?

My list of gear I need just keeps piling up... thank god for some graduation money form various relatives, now I can get new shoes and a couple of new suits. I have a great one from splish that I designed with Robbie's help that I want to wear in the NJ State Tri.

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