Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Only a Day Away!

SBR's sprint tri is tomorrow, and I'm already feeling pre-race nerves. In a good way though!

With all of the open water swim practices that I've been doing (ok, not too many but enough, I hope), I'm feeling good about the swim. I'm doing well on the bike and running, even on off road trails, and my times have improved drastically in the past two weeks.

For that matter, I have improved too. I've lost some weight, and actually stopped taking various IBS related medicines, and it seems like my body is responding very well to that. So hopefully if I'm just careful about how I eat, I can manage the whole irritable bowel thing more naturally from now on.

In other great news, I made a friend! Beth, the woman I met on Saturday at the crit, and I went swimming yesterday. It was great hanging out with her, and it was a really good pre-race workout. I never do real swim workouts, but I think I should start!

We did:
200 warmup
4 x 50 m
2 x 200
2 x 400 (6:20, 6:23, fantastic!)
4 x 50 sprints (first was at :35, the other 3 were :40)
200 cool down
Not a long workout for me, but definitely a hard one. My endurance swims have paid off though, and with a little more focus, I get a lot faster.

I was really happy about the 400's in particular- now if I can do that in an 800 m tomorrow, I'll be thrilled!

At any rate, now I'm just trying to stay relaxed before the race. It's annoying how pre-race jitters and pre-race excitement feel the exact same! I just don't want to be exhausted by tomorrow for the actual race itself...

I have a little surprise for my dad, an early father's day present, that he's getting during the race tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have pictures to post soon. He's been fantastic this week with helping with the open water swim and being a sounding board.

Of course, for a really great present, I'd have to actually win, since he seems convinced that I can. So fingers crossed!

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