Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Getting

Yesterday was my birthday, and instead of taking the day off, I actually worked more. I did this so I could miss work today for my boyfriend's brother's graduation. But it was worth it.

So now I'm 22, and I still feel like I'm 18. Yesterday was ok, I had a minor mishap cutting a bagel at work and sliced my hand and got blood everywhere, which wasn't the way to start the day. But I got a couple cute super cheap dresses in Newark, and a great shirt for Adam for graduation.

Then, since Wednesday I had felt pretty beat after a 50 mile solo ride, I decided to take it easy at the gym. Rode to the gym, hit the stationary bike and focused on spinning at high cadence. Then, since no treadmills were free, I hopped on the elliptical machine to get a "cross training workout" with the arms. When I was about to leave, a treadmill opened, so I hopped on and ran a fast 6:15 mile- the fastest I've ever run a mile! I was pretty psyched that it felt that good, and I'm hoping that tomorrow's 5k can go just as well... If I have someone to follow, I might be able to hold that pace. I'd love to do a sub 20 min race.

Anyway, back to my birthday. So after that workout, about an hour and 45 min, I went and picked up a pizza and biked with it to where Robbie was working the night shift, so we could at least eat dinner together.

I was feeling sort of bummed, since Robbie and I decided that for birthday presents, we were just buying house stuff and a couple of Justice League DVDs, so it wasn't like I had any great exciting presents to look forward to. When we eventually drove back to his parent's house though, I found out that he had bought me roses, and his parent's got me balloons and a chocolate cake that said Happy Birthday Molly on it! I can't get over how great they are...

At any rate... today was pretty tame, but then Dad biked with me while I ran through the park and did a decent set of hill repeats. The pizza from Adam's graduation party caught up with me though, and on the run home, it was definitely killing me. Then, weight set and now relaxing for the rest of the night and getting ready to race tomorrow.

What an exciting life!


Missy said...

What a nice birthday! Happy B-day! Yeah, it's OK, I'm turning 37 and I still like to think I'm 18...yeah, not even close;)

Molly said...

Age is a state of mind, I think... I just got my ass kicked by a 45 year old in a 5k this morning, but beat out the 19 year old trying to outsprint me. Funny how that works out...