Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 Days, 2 Storms = Unhappy Molly

This weather sucks. I can handle rain, I can handle training inside because of thunderstorms, but what drives me nuts that the the past two days have ended the same: mid run/ride, it starts pouring and thundering like crazy and I'm convinced that I'm going to get struck by lightning any second. Yesterday, I was riding to the gym to use the treadmill for speedwork and then swim. I got there and found out that all of the treadmills were reserved for the next two hours. It's frustrating when all of the treadmills have people walking on them at 3 mph, when all I want to do is hop on and go crazy. Then, found out the pool had just closed because of lightning. No problem, I thought, I'll just bike back to the other Rutgers gym and use a treadmill there. 5 minutes into my bike ride back, the skies opened. Thunder so loud it made me jump, followed by streak lighting. New Brunswick roads turned into flash floods and I ended up with a flat tire by the time I got back to the house, penalty for riding through calf deep puddles. Yuck.

So I made the most of the night, hit the stationary trainer and did some Iron Yoga. Robbie andI vegged out and watched cartoons, made pasta with fake sausage, and generally had a relaxing evening. I started planning my marathon prep for the fall and reading Joe Friel's "Going Long" book.

I really need to stop doing dumb things like buying donuts and cookies when at Target with Robbie though- my nutrition is ok at meatimes, but we rarely keep healthy snacks on hand- partially because we go to our parent's houses so often in the summer, and partially because we hate spending money.

Anyway, today was a little better. Between tutoring sessions, I ran 6 miles in 48 minutes (slow because of crazy stomach issues, again.) It was hot out!! Then, 45 minutes of weights at the gym. Maybe some spinning tonight, but it depends. I'm going to Sports People in Far Hills tonight in hopes of getting the Profile Design AeroDrink system. Fingers crossed that they still have it in stock! Otherwise, I might be in trouble.

Speaking of trouble, I also realized that during my insane thunderstorm run from hell, I cut the back of my foot with a rock that got sandwiched in my shoe- I was so focused on the rain and my stomach that I completely ignored the foot pain. I looked at my finally dry shoes today and the back on the one was just red from blood. Oops! My digestive system seems to also be having some trouble recovering from racing. I think the heat and humidity screw me up, so I'm hoping that a weekend in air conditioning at the parent's house should help a little. I hope. It's frustrating feeling limited by how my stomach acts sometimes. At least it's fairly under control these days.

Anyway, back to reading... making big training plans that start after the race on the 9th. I realized that a big problem I've had that may be hindering my performance is my lack of a real training plan. I've been attacking races this summer pretty haphazardly, and even during the year, while I had a training schedule, it wasn't really a "plan." No more!

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