Monday, July 6, 2009

I've Gotten Bad At Posting...

You would think that during the summer I would be posting nearly constantly, but the past couple weeks, I've just been awful. So I'll attempt to remedy that...

Last Wednesday I went to Mercer to ride the NJ State Tri course. My legs were killing me from the run with Pete the day before, but I didn't want to miss a workout. My time at last year's race was 1:15.27 and with very painful legs and having to stop at corners and stoplights, I still managed 1:08 without being tired by the end. I think I can easily bring it down by a few minutes by the 26th. Then, met Stephanie and we ran the 10k course. She had hurt her knee so we weren't going too fast, but we still finished in only 2 min over my race time last year. I mean, that was pretty sad (56 min) compared to my normal times nowadays, but I was chatting, breathing through my nose, and thinking about how slow I felt like we were going. So that's pretty awesome. I'm going back again this week to ride it, and planning on getting my time down considerably.

Other than that, pretty calm rest of the week. Thursday I ended up having an awesome swim with Don, probably my fastest 30 min swim to date. Did a weight set, hit the trainer, and then got a visit from an old friend from Westchester! He made fun of me for "selling out" from my old punk lifestyle, but I couldn't even pretend to be bummed about it. I'm happy about where I am now.

Friday I went to SBR and saw Blake, got some awesome new running shoes, and spent the rest of the night relaxing. We saw an old car cruise night in Somerville, perused a record store, comic book shop, and weird consignment shop. Then, Saturday was biking to a parade with Dad, pushing the highest gears on the bike so I got a good leg workout even though Dad wasn't going super fast. I was planning on a run but I figured a national holiday was an excuse to take it easy.

Sunday though, I woke up and rode the Spruce Run course and finished in my new best time of 44 min and feeling relaxed- right on par with some of the female winners. I added an extra 14 miles to that ride so I could get a longer ride in, then followed up with a 40 min brick to break in my new racing flats. Owww! I have huge blisters, but that's par for the course- my feet get super torn up no matter what shoes I get. Worth it though. Ice bath followed, and with the hot weather, I didn't mind sitting in my awesome outdoor tub and throwing the frisbee for my dog while I chilled my legs.

My legs were a little cramp-y but not too bad. Then, family picnic and Robbie and I headed back to New Brunswick for another fun filled week.

Holmdel tonight for some serious track workouts! I'm nervous, Pete's planning a pretty intense workout.

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