Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I need to order pictures from the tri and download the ones my parents took, but for now, check out what brightroom has to offer:

I'm very pleased with them- for once I look fairly decent and kinda fast in most of them! (Also the one of me finishing the race looks like I'm holding a banner in my arms. Awesome.)

Anyway, today I went on a 6 mile run in an attempt to get used to the distance and get speedier. At the halfway point, I was somewhere between 21-22 minutes, and feeling great. Then, it started pouring and my stomach went haywire. I made a mad dash for bathrooms, but they were locked and an alarm was going off in them. WTF? So, the mad dash ended up being for the woods instead. Classy, I know. Two "bathroom breaks" later, I was still not feeling great, it was pouring and thundering like crazy and I was just trying to get home. A few blocks from my house, the roads were 6 inches deep in water- stupid new paving was done so badly that now the streets are basically rivers. My stomach rebelled again, and walking became the name of the game- I was dying to just get home! Even with all of that- about 3 min of walking, a good 4 min spent in the woods- I still made the 6+ miles in 48 minutes. So I'm feeling cautiously optimistic that I can get my time down at Steelman.

I realized that a lot of my problems with my slow run on Sunday stemmed from psychological issues- I knew I was comfortably in 3rd in my age group and there was no way I was catchin the two ahead of me, and I knew I had lost any shot at overall, so I think I just stopped really pushing the pace. That and feeling like I was going to throw up, anyway. But still, I'm annoyed at myself.

Today I bought a new Timex Ironman watch to wear- now I just need to figure out how to work it. Also, I order a new Splish suit for Steelman- I realized that my awesome Flash swimsuit was a little too big- it fit ok, but a little baggy once it got wet. I think I dropped a couple of pounds recently, and I know I was wearing the suit before it a size too big as well. I tend to order stuff too big because I'm afraid of getting it and realizing that it's too small.

Just need to get googles and the Profile Design system and I'll be good to go!

Dad called me today (gasp!) to ask if my splits were posted yet. He's such a coach, I swear. I told him what I remembered, and I got lectured about how I can do much better. He was happy about my transitions andmy bike time though, which was nice. He's going to be bummed when he finds out that Pete and I aren't racing our 5k this weekend- Pete's band is leaving early for tour, so he can't make it, and I'm not up for driving to Neptune to race alone on Saturday morning. Besides, with all the gear I've had to get recently, including a new Rutgers kit, I just don't want to spend the money on small races like that right now. Fortunately, I just got a sweet babysitting job for a lot of next week, which will easily cover all of this race stuff.

Anyway, off to the gym for round 2 of the night.

I really can't wait to have a more defined schedule once the school year starts so I can figure out a better training program. Summer is definitely bad for keeping a routine!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Flash Gordon!!! Nice!!!

Missy said...

Nice Flash! ...a suit that no longer fits, I LOVE that feeling. I'm notorious for 'giving up' when I'm not going to hit my targets and then proceed to kick myself when it's over. Here's to sucking it up and never quitting.