Friday, August 7, 2009

Lazy Blogger

I've been a very bad blogger lately **hangs head in shame.**

In my defense, summer has screwed with my schedule and left Robbie with more free time, which means when we are both free, I'm with him, not blogging. In addition, this week has been especially brutal because I started a new job... babysitting a 2 and 3 year old in Princeton. Not only is it a 45 min drive, let me reiterate: a 2 and 3 year old. I have never admired mothers more. Yeesh!

For the past three days, I've spet a few hours playing, running around, and being climbed on. It's exhausting, but the money is good and it'll fund my Ironman quest. But man, are those kids energetic! And while they aren't that heavy, when combined and climbing you, they are pretty weighty. They loved learning yoga poses but what they liked even more was climbing on my back while I did a plank pose. Good thing I'd practiced doing planks with 90 lbs weights on me before, otherwise, it woulda been ugly. The kids are great, but this is going to take some getting used to. And I have to agree with Missy's profile- people with kids are saints! I don't think that Robbie and I are ever going to have them. We want to be the cool aunt and uncle for our siblings' kids, but that's it!

Training-wise, it's been a relaxed week, since I have the TT and the Olympic this weekend. Yesterday was intervals on the bike and some ab workout, and the day before was a relatively intense 30 min swim and a 30 min bike right after. Just haven't had a lot of free time, which is fine since I'm tapering anyway. I'm amazingly not that worried about the weekend- tomorrow's race should be a fun one and a great warmup for Sunday, and Sunday hopefully will go well.

I'm more excited about having the next week to see some old friends and get ready for the beach! I'm like a little kid, honestly- I just love family vacations! And I'm very glad that now family includes Robbie- a week at the beach wouldn't be any fun without him there too- and he sleeps so late that it leaves plenty of time for loooong morning training sessions!

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