Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation Musings... And Some Training

I was getting out of my truck to head over to tutoring, and for some reason I couldn't get the idea of vacation out of my mind. I just can't wait to be at the beach, swimming, running, surfing, boardwalk-ing, etc. I'm just a beach bum at heart, and knowing it's a week and a half away is driving me crazy!

Then, as I made my way to the building I tutor in, I saw a guy in a suit walking by. Carrying a surfboard and wetsuit.

What!?!? I know we have some beaches in NJ, and I've surfed them, but none are near New Brunswick. Curious and curiouser. It was very surreal, but now I want out of NJ even more!

I'm also on countdown until this weekend- 8 mile TT on Saturday, then the Steelman Olympic Tri on Sunday. Once again, trying to taper. This week it's easier though, since I'm babysitting the 2 and 3 year old again 3 days this week, so I'll have my hands full.

This weekend turned out sort of well, sort of disappointing. Saturday was perfect though. Got breakfast with mom, took it easy, then attached my sweet new Profile Design Aerodrink System to my bike and took off on a ride. First 10 miles were hills, the second 5 was relaxing, then a 8 mile TT on the course for the weekend, then another 15 or so back to a parking lot. The TT went really well, I think, I kept the pace around 22-23 for most of it. It's one of the flattest courses in NJ, so it should be fun. And it should warm me up for Sunday!

Then, at the parking lot, mom and dad were waiting with their mountain bikes. I stuck my bike into the van, thrw on my waiting sneakers, and we hit the canal path for a 6 mile run. I kept the pace at a comfortable 8 min/mile, but I was sort of hiccuping and having trouble taking deep breaths. It worked itself out and I was having a great time until an older man, who had been resting on the side of the trail, decided to jump back on the trail- with my about 5 feet away. I almost ran into him, he completely cut me off. Then he started moving at a ridiculously slow pace, so I sped up and coasted by him. His friends caught up with him and sped him up a bit, so the rest of the run was sort of sparring with this group for trail dominance. It sped me up at least!

Finished with a 7:30 and a 7:15. I'm hoping that I can hit that kind of pace on Sunday- I was comfortable doing it then, after a nearly 40 mile really intense bike ride, and in the middle of the hottest part of the day, so I have high hopes.

Yesterday, I had training at my computer lab job, doing phone tech support for students. Eep! But at least I got to ride to work... Then, after taking my little sister on a campus tour, I ran nice and slow to the gym, did 45 minutes of weights, then ran home. I was so comfortable running home that I ended up doing some serious fartlek training, sprinting on hills and some flats. It was a lot of fun, surprisingly.

I was amazed about being able to do sprints like that, and while I'm sure drivers thought I was nuts, I was having a FUN run. Something that very rarely happens...

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