Friday, August 14, 2009

T Minus 1 Day Until... BEACH!

(from Steelman)

If you all haven't guessed, I'm outrageously excited about my upcoming vacation. Thank god it's Friday, seriously! My excitement has been more pronounced since a recent spat of freaking awful weather hit Jersey this week and completely destroyed my training plans...

Monday was a sweet run, weight set and swim- a 60 minute swim made better by the fact that they divided the pool long-ways to the lanes took a good minute to traverse. Made it go faster. Then, since I ran to the gym with my suit under my weightlifting stuff carrying goggles, I ended up having a very soggy run home. But good for practice!

Then Tuesday I was planning on my super long bike ride, but that got screwed because of thunderstorms in the area. So instead, did some Iron Yoga (best thing ever) and warmed up 45 minutes on the trainer. Afterwards, headed out for a 7-8 mile run- normally it's a 6 mile course that I do, but I hit each of the 3 main hills a total of 4 times each, trying for sprints each time. Fun, fun, fun. I hit the house afterward gasping for air and feeling like all I wanted was gallon after gallon of water. A cold shower and a good 32 oz of water later, I was feeling ok. Also, for the first time EVER, I got home and actually drank Gu2O. I shoudl explain: I hate Gu2O, Gu, Powerbars, anything that isn't REAL food, unless I'm actually training. Before training or after training, no thanks. But I felt like I really really needed a glass of Raspberry Gu2O, and man, did it taste great after that!

I'm planning on bringing long sleeves to VA Beach so I can start training in super hot conditions- if I'm doing IM KY next summer, I'll have to get better with that.

As I said, I hit Chipotle on Tuesday with my friend AJ, and we ended up eating and walking around the parking lot for 3 hours. We always have soooo much to talk about!

Then, Wednesday I babysat again and was planning a 13 mile run afterwards. Enter thunderstorm again. I drove to Robbie's and the clouds still looked threatening but no rain. I ended up biking to the site of the TT I did in May, then trying to recreate the route. I only got lsot twice... So, instead of 13 mile run, I put in an hour and fifteen on the bike.

The highlight (or one of them) was seeing my old super punk friend Danny- he's a couple years younger than me and we used to date, but we reconnected recently as really good friends. He's going to be fencing for Vassar in the Fall, so like me, he's a punk turned jock. We got Rita's and showed off our muscles. Awesome.

On Thursday, I was planning on doing the long bike ride I had planned. But once again, pouring rain. So, 45 minutes of weights, then 1:30 on the trainer going steady but hard whilst watching Cinderella with my sister. Followed that with a wet but fun 35 minute run in the park wtih the huge hill near my house- I had the whole place to myself, barring the deer and 2 baby rabbits that I saw. I think I destroyed my best PR for my mini park run, so I was feeling psyched. My legs just felt good, like they wanted to sprint, so I just let them go nuts.

Yesterday I was also supposed to npick my mom up from Newark airport at night, but her flight got canceled and she and my aunt were stuck in Maine overnight waiting for a flight out. Bad luck!

I have a couple pictures I plan on posting ASAP- I'm hoping to catch up on them while we're at the beach, but my posting is going to depend on how easily I can get wireless while we're there. I used to be able to use the neighbor's wireless, but it varies from summer to summer. Fingers crossed I can keep you posted, but for now:

Probably the best race day photos ever taken of me. Man, the gym is finally starting to pay off, because for once, I don't look horrendously fat in these pictures! (Race day brings out the worst in my poor white Irish stomach, so seeing definition is a great feeling, especially if you compare these to the NJ State Tri from last year when I first started in the sport!)

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