Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vacation Pics and this week

I confess, I’ve been very remiss in blogging. So, I bring you my vacation in a few pictures:

Anyway, settling back into our normal life has been sort of hard, I have to admit. Instead of having a week to get back into the swing of things, this week I was suddenly working my fall schedule and we realized that while we needed cable and internet, we also needed to clean our entire apartment very well, grocery shop, organize our books and DVDs and clothing, and desperately get rid of the Wonder Woman theme we had accidentally created in our room. We had thought that the blue, yellow and red oriental rug looked great with the red wall, gold curtains, and gold eagle mirror… but it turns out we just had a superhero themed bedroom that was just too darn dark. So, we’re taking the rug up, changing curtains, and painting the wall white. Yeesh. In the midst of that, I started my normal babysitting schedule, which is exhausting, switched the day I work as a web designer, and now I’m an hour early to an interview to be a tutor for football players. I’m trying to sort out my job situation now- I have a computer lab incredibly low paying job that I sort of want to quit but it’s just hard to even consider giving up a job- but maybe if this tutoring thing works out I will. Robbie is on my back to do it, but his mom works at Rutgers- he has free tuition, unlike some of us. Anyway, it’s been busy, busy, busy! And naturally, I’m the one who deals with the cable company tomorrow morning while my boys are out at job orientation.

What about training? Well, I declared this week a rest and recovery week, since frankly, my schedule is hard to get into, there’s a million things to do, and once next week begins, I’ll rarely see Robbie except at night, so I’m getting in my fun time with him now. We are doing amazingly well- after a week on vacation pretty much together 24/7, we still talked for the entire 8 hour ride home- didn’t even have music on! Now that’s love…

Yesterday I went home planning to train, but my friend was in romantic crisis, so Robbie, Adam and I went to the rescue and ended up out until 10 comforting him. Men can be such babies!

I’ve been remiss in training, but starting Saturday, it’s business as usual. I’ve been doing some riding on the trainer, and I have a weight set planned for later, but I really needed this week- it’s making me itch to get back to a normal schedule, which is actually good- I was getting a little down on training, so it’s nice to be excited about it again.

More exciting because on Monday, IM KY 2010 opens up, and I’m signing up! I know it’s a year away, but I’m really excited. I’m even more psyched about Skylands, the sprint tri on my home turf coming up in a couple weeks, as well as the Belly of the Beast 70.3 in late September… I need to get my butt out and riding though! I still haven’t even previewed that course- yikes!

I’m just ready to have everything done in our apartment and get next week started. I know I’m only taking one class but I still feel like I’m going “back to school.”

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