Friday, May 15, 2009

I Get Knocked Down...

It's been a very long week, so I'm pretty stoked that it's finally over and that I'm finally feeling sort of human again. It took Monday and Tuesday completely off of training (except biking to and from a final) in order to start feeling better, though I was still not super stoked about eating ever again. It wasn't until last night that my appetite even sort of resembled how it usually is (meaning always starving).

Wednesday I went on a 6 mile run and was pretty annoyed. I'm not a super fast runner to begin with, and last Thursday was the first 6 miler I had done in a while, thanks to the cramping after the marathon combined with the bike-heavy training I'd been doing. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran the 6 in about 49 minutes, since I wasn't really pushing the pace at all. So it sort of sucked when Wednesday ended up taking 56 minutes. I know it was because I've been super sick and I was really not pushing it at all (for fear of throwing up on the trail), but it just is a huge bummer that the crash on Friday not only wrecked my bike, but also has thrown off my training.

I ended up using the trainer on the porch on Wednesday for an hour and a half as well, since I wasn't up to riding on the road, but it was so nice out. Then, 30 min of very light weight set while watching TV.

Thursday I was super stiff and just feeling really sluggish. Luckily, it was Robbie and my first official day done with school and work for a couple weeks (well, I'm still working, but not tutoring until June). We celebrated by sleeping in, and then getting bagels and watching TV. He even sat and watched TV while I rode the trainer in the living room. Then, we started packing to bring stuff home so when we move in a couple weeks, it won't be so bad.

The stuff we have seems to be multiplying. I don't know how we managed to accumulate so much stuff in two years. My truck cab was full when we left yesterday, yet the room looks the same! I can't understand it...

We had our team photo for the Rutgers Cycling team, and they were psyched to have a girl in it for once (Karina had already left the country, so she wasn't around, it was just me.) Then, I made the point that with short hair and a men's jersey that's too big, I blend in anyway. I have high hopes that I look vaguely feminine at least (admittedly, I unzipped my jersey a bit at the top and actually put on eyeliner), and they made me sit in the front row. I'd say that you could tell I'm a girl because I have shaved legs, but then again, so do they. Oh well. I like my short hair! I just wish we had women's cycling gear... (Mark promised we'll get some though, so come fall, Karina and I will be the sexiest Rutgers cyclists around!)

Tomorrow better be nice out! Robbie and I are taking a picture of us for our respective moms as my belated mother's day gift, since I was racing last weekend, and Dad and I are supposed to be practicing with my new wetsuit at Spruce Run. This is super important, seeing as my first triathlon of the season is a week away. Yikes! Besides, after a week of not being able to train hard, I'm stoked to get in a couple of serious sessions and start my new summer training schedule.

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