Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving Day!

I wish I had pictures of the highlights of the past two days of moving out of and into various apartments. Robbie and I have spent the last couple days cleaning, carrying, lifting, packing, dragging, yanking, shoving and scrubbing various furniture and parts of our old house.

It took 4 hours to clean our bathroom. 5 guys and me, plus shows a few times a month bringing in tons of dirty punks. Suffice to say, gunk in the shower was the least of my issues whilst cleaning. Gross. That will never happen again. Ditto on the fridge.

Yeesh. Finally, we got to our new place, only to discover that our new apartment hadn't been cleaned. Our new landlord offered us a choice- we could wait til June 1 and have a cleaning lady in, or we could move in and clean it ourselves and get a $75 credit off our rent. We decided to clean by ourselves of course.

Mrs. Martin, Robbie's mom, was awesome- got off work early to help us carry and clean. We got the bed, mattress, a couple boxes, and my desk up to the attic apartment, and I was dying! So many flights of stairs.

Pictures to come this weekend once we paint and clean.

Tuesday I did some serious lifting and speedwork at the gym, followed by a cool down swim. It felt pretty great. My speedwork is definitely going to help with Bear Mountain in 2.5 weeks.

Yesterday I took the day off to move- I was super sore and beat by the end of the day, and the stair workout I got was equal to a good 1.5 hr on a StairMaster!

Today Robbie and I went shopping for cleaning and kitchen supplies. We have so much to buy!

Then, I got home and convinced my sister to ride her bike while I ran in the park. It ended up being a great speedwork session, including a fairly intense hill. Only 45 min, but it felt really good. For the most part, roughly 7:30-6:50 min miles, give or take. And for me, that's really great! If I can keep this speed up, then I'll be able to really improve my times.

I did 30 min of ab and weight work, and I'm trying to convince myself to get on the trainer while watching the national spelling bee.

Honestly, I've been pretty unmotivated since my big crash a couple of weeks ago. I'm getting back into it, but it's hard with a hectic schedule and moving a lot between Hunterdon and New Brunswick. I'm hoping once we settle in, it'll get easier. On the up side, we finally got our new frame from Cannondale. It's pretty awesome- the Super 6 all carbon frame, but it doesn't look as cool or badass as the series 6 we had before. Still, I'm glad to have it back, even if I am nervous about riding a good bike after that crash. We got a huge discount but still it wasn't cheap or something I really had the money for, so I'm hoping that the township will kick in a little for the frame, sice it was their pothole that sorta screwed me over. I've heard that they've paid for car repairs from it in the past, so hopefully they'll help out. Otherwise, that's a whole summer of work down the drain that I couldn't really afford to do. Huge bummer. But that's life, I guess. At least I have a dad awesome enough to get the bike for "him to ride," let me race and train with it, and then pay for the new frame when I wreck it. He really is the best!

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