Tuesday, May 5, 2009

School's Over!

Things that are now in my possession:
1. Zoot Women's Zenith Wetzoot
2. AquaSphere Kayenne Goggle
3. Body Glide

It's been a good couple of days in terms of stuff that I own. I went to SBR on Monday and got this amazing wetsuit and goggles and had a wonderful time seeing Blake! I need to ride with him as soon as possible, I definitely owe him big time. I think I'm doing the June 13th SBR sprint tri with him, giving me another chance to use my great new wetsuit!
Things I've learned: tri wetsuits are hella tight! I have a wetsuit for surfing, but putting on a tri one is a whole different ballgame. It was so hot and sweaty trying the suits on, I thought I was in a sauna! It's so cool looking, Blake says I look like Batgirl in it.

I also got rid of a lot of my old clothes finally- 3 gigantic garbage bags of them donated. I have a hard time getting rid of stuff because I always think "maybe I'll wear this sometime." I also tried on all of my jeans- mostly hand-me-downs from my cousin- and got rid of any that don't fit well. It's depressing because since seriously starting to become a cyclist/triathlete, my legs have gotten a lot bigger- there's no fat on them, it's all muscle, but it still means some of my pants are tighter in the legs.

So yeah. Got some new stuff, got rid of some old stuff. Now Robbie and I are starting to search for various things we need for the move in a few weeks, mostly kitchen stuff and storage containers. It'll be so nice to have not gross stuff!

I need to come up with my summer training plan. I've been feeling pretty out of it lately, especially since the race and run on Sunday. Yesterday my legs cramped really badly en route to my morning swim with Don, so I ended up skipping my hour of cornering practice and my 30 minute run in the afternoon. It sucked. I made the most of it, went home, sorted clothes, ate Chinese food, and took it easy.

Today was pretty bland- weather sucked so I used the trainer inside, did yoga, and then ran errands and helped Colleen learn to parallel park. I'm a great teacher, if I do say so myself. Then, back to New Brunswick, where I rode to the gym. I was planning on swimming but I wanted to spend more time with Robbie so I used the elliptical instead and did a weight set. Robbie and I got frites for dinner! There's a Belgian fry place at the student center with 20 different sauces and the nicest owner in the world- he made me try so many sauces before picking two! I also got Robbie deep fried Oreos since I left him all alone last night (and playing online poker and having bad luck- yikes!). I'm the best girlfriend ever.

I need to come up with my summer plan, and I'm hoping that will jump-start my training for me. I think I'm just burned out with the end of the semester, plus I'm in a weird period: we haven't moved yet but we're about to, I don't start tutoring until June, and I just feel sort of useless. I need more projects! At least I have two races this weekend, and my first triathlon in two and a half weeks. Hooray!

So life is good, I just need to get more productive.

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