Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Worst Day Ever, Volume 2

My week in pictures:
First, there was this potholewhich ultimately resulted in this:

as well as this: (among other cuts and bruises)In addition to a mild concussion, which made me start throwing up on Sunday night, all night. This led to yesterday being spent in the hospital getting a CAT scan and an IV full of drugs and fluids, as my blood pressure was getting way too low thanks to being dehydrated from the throwing up. Not a great day overall.

Still feeling like crap and had to spend today not training either. My head and stomach are just generally not feeling great, but definitely getting better.

This weekend, I raced with my old Trek 1000, and it was pretty terrible. I felt nauseous a lot of the weekend (not realizing it was from the crash) and I wasn't used to riding the Trek at all. Saturday was a 10 mile rolling hill time trial, which went ok. I was 7th, missing 6th by 2 seconds, and it was a great introduction to a lot of the Team Somerset people.

Bear Mountain really sucked though- 42 miles, and within the first 2, I lost the pack. There was a neutral downhill and then a start on a hill. My gears got stuck and I couldn't shift, and by the tie I got it figured out, I was behind the pack. Then I made the mistake of not pushing hard enough (honestly, I wasn't feeling strong, and I don't know if I could have pushed much harder) and ended up with a girl from SBR, who I totally loved. We picked up a couple of other girls, but on the second 14 mile lap, they were disheartened and taking it easy, so I pushed it and sped up a bit, doing the last 25 miles of the race totally alone. In a race of 60+ people, I was mid40s, but only a few finished behind me, most dropped out. But as I always say, death before DNF! In all, it was a good training ride. It just sucked because I really wanted to do well in that race, and if Friday hadn't happened, I would have had a great hill ride and a working race bike that I was used to. I don't feel bad about those crappy results, since even my dad, the original hard ass said I was nuts when I told him I was still racing over the weekend. I just want my bike back!

As far as the bike thing goes, I'm hoping that Cannondale's crash replacement program comes through, since I definitely can't afford to pay for a new frame.

Robbie felt neglected that I didn't have any new pictures of him up here, so I bring you:

Adorable, right? (And as it gets hotter out, I'm so much happier with short hair again!)

Anyway. Hoping to get my summer training plan figured out, hoping to be feeling good enough to ride again tomorrow, and certainly hoping that I'll be back to normal by the Saturday after this one so I can do decently in the triathlon on the 23rd.

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