Monday, May 18, 2009

Rest Week Accomplished.

Well, the past week sort of was an unplanned rest week, but I guess I had it coming.

However, this weekend made up for that. Saturday, dad and I took my new wetsuit, bike, running shoes, and transition gear over to Spruce Run for some practicing. I was so stoked about testing out the wetsuit. We walked down to the beach (dad holding my bike) and I got in the water and splashed around. I cannot believe how fast and good I felt in the wetsuit. Suddenly, I wasn't panicked that something would touch me! I wasn't freezing, and I was breathing a lot easier.

I floundered around for a while, and then just did a super short swim before running out of the water, dad running behind me holding the bike as I pulled off the wetsuit. I did a good transition out of the suit and onto the bike, then did a fast 3 mile ride, back to transition, and into running gear. I ran a half mile, just around the huge parking lot, and dad timed it as a ~6:45 pace, which would be perfect if I could hold it for the 3 miles next weekend. So in all, it was a really good practice and left me feeling a ton more confident about next weekend's sprint triathlon.

Sunday was pretty blah. Woke up and it was cold and gross outside and I was just feeling tired, so I rode the trainer for an hour and a half after putting the aerobars back on. It was a great call because I got to make minor adjustments to the seat position. Then, 30 minutes of weights while finishing the Justice League dvds.

Robbie and I took our moms out for a Mother's Day lunch, which was lovely. Then, watched poker and the Food Network the whole night.

Today, I rode a very windy 50 miles of hilly territory in Hunterdon County. It went better than I expected, but a little slower than I would like- I am definitely still recovering from last week. But afterwards, I took an ice bath and it was awesome. Painful, but awesome.

Dad and I put a cap on my truck to make moving easier, and it took us a good hour to do it- we had to bring it from the backyard out of a good 6 inches of sinking mud (in my old combat boots with drainage holes), then battle the spiders and ants that had laid claim to it. Gross. We washed it off and connected it to the truck, and while it's not the best looking thing on earth, it's going to make moving a lot easier.

Off to bed- it's going to be a busy week and I'm not really looking forward to the next few days- can we just skip to Friday so I can get ready to race on Saturday?

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