Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Commencing Real Life...

Yesterday marked the "first day of the rest of my life" for two reasons:
1. it was the first official day of my "normal" Fall schedule, including 1 class, 5 jobs (40+ hours a week, but maybe a bit less if I can figure some money stuff out), researching for my own freelancing and for Stephanie, hunting for scholarships and financial aid, actually taking care of our apartment, and of course, training.
2. it was the day I finally signed up for Ironman Kentucky!!! Yes! It's a year away, but in all honesty, I want to qualify for Kona at IMKY, so I need to get started early.

It's hard, getting on schedule, honestly. I was working, training and researching over the summer, but not quite as much as I am now. Plus, two major races still to go, one on the 13th and one on the 27th. And Adam (Robbie's lil bro) and Colleen (my lil sis) just both started at Rutgers, so we've been trying to spend time with them and help out with them.


This past weekend went really well- I did the Skylands bike course in 44 minutes easily, my new personal best, which was great, and went on a brick run afterwards. It felt sluggish at first but then the run picked up by the end.

I also rode the Belly of the Beast course. All I have to say is: I had no idea Hutnerdon had so many damn hills! It was ridiculous. Plus, I dumbly didn't bring any Gu's, just a bottle of Gu2o and a bottle of water. By mile 40 they were both almost gone and I was dying. It was a beautiful day out, but all I wanted was a damn store to be open so that I could get some more water. Ugh.

But it was a gorgeous course, and during it I saw tons of people running, walking, horseback riding, a horse and carriage (!), and two cars drag racing (less good, but funny.)

It was a decent ride and I feel sort of comfortable doing it. I gotta ride it again before the race again though. I think I can cut a lot of time just with proper nutrition.

We've lucked out with great weather the past 3 days, it's fantastic! It's mid70s and running has just been so nice.

And now my time is up and I'm off to babysitting. On the bright side, tonight I'm picking up the cyclocross bike I'm borrowing for the season. Hurray!


Molly said...

Woowoo! The year of training will go by so fast...I kid you not, I can't believe it was 9 months ago I signed up. :)

Missy said...

Time will fly and it does take about a year to get ready so, no time like the present. Very exciting. I hope you are gifted with a nice day like they had on Sunday.