Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Only Wednesday? Seriously?

Maybe it's the fact that instead of working for the union on Friday, I switched to Wednesday because of my class schedule. Maybe it's because it's the first week of school. Maybe it's because of the Lightning Bolt show on Monday, or driving to Bridgewater after babysitting last night to get my new cross bike. Maybe it's the wacky cooler weather all of a sudden. Maybe it's impending nerves about racing in the next 4 weeks or next 52 weeks. Whatever the reason, I am already feeling like I've been going nonstop for days now.

And you know what? It doesn't feel too bad.

I've been on the go to such an extent that I- for the first time in my life- have been drinking smoothies for dinner because I have no time to stop to eat. I actually went out a couple weeks ago and bought a single serving blender, and it is my new best friend. Low fat yogurt, a tiny banana, protein powder, skim milk and blackberry pulp (only $1.99 for a frozen bag of it at the Farmer's Market in New Brunswick) and I've got a meal! I'm still adjusting to the texture, but when you babysit two rambunctious munchkins for hours and finally leave after 8, you're hungry enough to eat dirt!

Seriously, these kids are nuts- I actually ended up going to Philly Monday night sporting a mohawk because El wouldn't dunk her head in the bath unless I did first and made my hair into funny shapes. Oi.

Nonetheless, at least it's giving me a good amount of cardio and weight training- I dare you to do a plank for a minute with 2 small children on your back! I really like the kids, and I love Stephanie, so really, it's ideal- especially since I'm still doing reserach for her anyway, so we can talk about it once the kids are asleep.

Training is starting to come together as I push to get back to routine. Rutgers will now have something early Tuesday and Thursday that resembles a Master Swim, so I'm stoked about that. Finally, people to swim with! This week is sort of hectic though, since Colleen wants to hang out, we had a show to go to, practices haven't started yet so my schedule is more open ended, and I need to do all those first week things like printing stuff and getting books and figuring out health insurance. I'm also supposed to be potentially starting to tutor student athletes and I'm waiting on details of that. Once I know what the deal is with it, I may quit the computer lab job that I have and just do that. I have plans to infiltrate the Hale Center where I'd be tutoring, since it's home to all of the perks student athletes recieve- sports med guys, nutritionist, masseuses, and TONS of recovery stuff for water running, etc. Not to mention some top notch weight stuff. Tutoring session in the sauna please?

Training-wise, luckily the weather has been cooperative, so I've been able to take super fun runs out and about. Yesterday I got to do a pretty legit 45 minute swim with a lot of sprints thrown in, then mooched breakfast off of Colleen and her never-ending meal plan before biking back home for a run.

It's sort of weird trying to fit training in and suddenly going from seeing Robbie for hours every day to saying goodbye in the morning and not seeing him until 9 or 10 at night. Bummer! And while I love his brother, the whole "never seeing Robbie" thing is sort of harder because when I do see him, Ad is always around. Hopefully he makes friends soon and stays out later. I've voiced my concerns to Robbie, but since it's his brother, I don't think he really gets it. He agrees that Ad will find more friends sometime soon, and even if he doesn't, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting Robbie's attention as to why we need more alone time! (Insert evil laugh here.)

I keep reading everyone IMKY race reports and I really must have Ironman Fever BAD because I cannot wait for this year to be over with! (Everyone has been saying it'll go by fast, but can I just get on with it?)

On the schedule for tonight: hour on the trainer, hour of trekking to Colleen's dorm, home, then back again to take her home at night. And Iron Yoga if I have time. Tomorrow and Friday I have shifts at the computer lab, and I'm just not sure how to go about quitting... I'm going to do the shifts that I signed up for, at least, but it's going to be awkward, quitting so soon after being trained. But then again, for minimum wage, can they really blame me?

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