Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Improvements

I just heard those words I needed/wanted to hear: "we have a lot we can work on."

Normally, I'm not one for taking criticism. But in this case, I'm stoked. Why? Today was the first day of my Master Swim/Class. We did a 1000 yard time trial so the coach could get an idea of where we were. I took it pretty easy, not killing myself, and finished in 16:20. But then, he and I started talking about how my stroke can be seriously improved and how it'll really improve my swim time. Stuff like body rotation, smooth kicking, and keeping my elbows higher. This is awesome, because I know I was at the limit of what improvements I could make in the pool flying solo. Now, I know there's stuff I can learn and work on and get better at with this help. And that feels awesome! It's a good feeling when I realize that I have tons that I can improve on still.

Of course, I'll never be making the progress that I saw in the past year, but there's obviously room for improvement, not to mention room to get better at endurance stuff.

So yeah. This class is going to be perfect for me, especially right now- with tri season ending I have plenty of time to work on changing my stroke without screwing my swim up. I wasn't sure I would be good at taking criticism, but I think I've finally matured enough to know when I need the help. Besides, anything to improve my racing!

Skylands Race Report Coming Soon!!

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

You know you will surprise yourself, especially if you get a coach and they work on technique making you faster with less effort.