Sunday, September 20, 2009

Long Week, Done.

70.3 is coming up next week. In one week, to be exact. I think I'm ready for it... I think.

I know for a fact that I am ready for a taper week though. It's been a pretty brutal week, half because I was working like crazy and starting a new job in addition to putting in extra hours at the other one and getting new projects at the other one (3 jobs, 40+ hours a week and extra work at home, at least 10 hours worth). But the other half was trying to start my new swim class, run a 15 mile run in the middle of a hectic day, do my first ever cyclocross ride, and start a new weight routine. Plus all the normal training stuff. Oh, and riding the Belly of the Beast course today and following it with a run.

So... I've learned a lot about what I'm made of this week, because I handled it and handled it without complaining TOO much.

I think my favorite part- and most indicative of my mental state- was on Wednesday at Cross Practice with the team. Blake- the one who got me into this stuff- was there and seeing him was great, but when I saw the guys riding the course FAST and clearly in no mood to be teaching me the very basics, I got a bit nervous. I decided then and there that I was just going to watch and get the feel for it.

I watched for four laps, and they stopped to take a break. Blake rolled over to me and asked what the hell I was doing. I said sitting out because I didn't want to get hurt and had to work in an hour. He looked at me, and said:

"So what was it exactly written on your suit last weekend? Was it 'I'm going to sit this out.'?"


"What was it?"

I sort of muttered and sputtered, "killer."

So, the next lap, I went. Far behind the guys, but I went and fumbled through a lap on my own. Then another, and another.

Was I great at it? No. Was I better than I expected? Heck yeah. And I felt good about it. I'm actually pretty stoked about the season now, honestly.

As far as the rest of the week goes:
1. Started swim class, and though I missed Thursday's session (needed to fit in my 15 miler that morning instead), I'm feeling really excited about it. Bummed that Keith won't work on my stroke until after I race, since he doesn't want to throw me off.

2. Ran 15 miles, very comfortably. This was in part due to listening to Greg Rucka on audiobook- awesome action/adventure and something to keep my mid totally off running.

3. A new weight set- an actual plan this time instead of the haphazard way I've been doing weights lately. This one is a routine I figured out from reading a million different articles and figuring out what weight stuff would tackle all various parts of my body. And man, does it hurt!

4. Today, I rode the BOB course again, all HILLY 56 miles of it followed by a 30 minute run with my new fuel belt. It was a great ride, down from 3:30 last time to 3:11 easily, so I'm feeling good about that. Even better, my legs were moving great even at the end of the run, feeling completely comfortable. It was a beautiful day, and the only qualm I had about it was that my diaphragm didn't want to work during the run so I was half-hiccuping and trying to take deep breaths and failing. So that part sucked. I blame drinking Mountain Dew right before the ride...

After the ride as I was transitioning to the run, a really nice guy pulled in and started getting his Cervelo together and we chatted about the course, which he was heading out to ride. It was just nice to talk to someone about the course and feel helpful, telling him to watch out for Lilac, which has the WORST potholes known to man... And we all know how I feel about potholes.

So that's the week in review. God willing, this week will go smoother and be a bit more relaxed. It should be, now that work(s) is(are) figured out and it's a taper week anyway.

Now, off to grocery shop after eating my body weight in Boca burgers, salads and cookies at a family birthday party. Which reminds me, Happy Birthday Dad!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

What is a taper week like for you? (kinda scared to know), you will do great this race.

Molly said...

haha around 2 hours a day or so, plus commuting on the bike... But really, nothing major. I may even SKIP a workout!

And thanks, I hope so. I'm just excited to see how it goes.