Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Escape from Reality

Yesterday was sort of a downer. Got up, rode the trainer for an hour because there was a huge thunderstorm, had to walk to tutoring because of the rain, galoshes hurt my feet, walking hurt my hip, tutoring was very slow, and I was just feeling unproductive and downright lazy. Ate lunch while watching Frasier instead of getting work done, and then after my last tutoring session, finally got some work done (handed in paperwork for a new part time job for the fall, etc.) and rolled off to the gym.
Got in the pool and felt sluggish for the first 25 minutes. My right arm still feels a bit off, though it doesn't hurt as much now. Then, Cristian showed up and saved the day- or the swim set, at least. Having someone to swim next to makes things go so much faster, and racing Cristian is even better. Made it through the hour, but I'm psyched to get back to Monday recover swims with Don starting next Monday bright and early! I miss the race talk and advice... (Not that I don't get it from my dad too, of course.)
Then, hit the gym but instead of running, I stuck to the elliptical. My hip still is really bugging me, so I'm trying to take a couple weeks off of running, for the most part. I think it's healing, just slower than I would prefer.
Did half an hour of weights and got falafel and fries for dinner. We didn't grocery shop this week because I'll be gone Wed-Fri except for sleeping. I'm going to this Health and Science Journalism conference, and it's "kind of a big deal," in terms of getting a chance to really meet some of the people in the industry. Eep- I should really get business cards!!
So this week is super light in terms of training, since today I'm at work and the next 3 days are pretty much packed. I got in a full training day yesterday and I will tomorrow morning before I leave for the conference, but Thursday is a rest day and Friday is just super light spinning. I think that last week's ride I did on Friday- just a super relaxed 60 min ride around Robbie's neighborhood did good with keeping my legs loose for the races.
Still need to figure out plans for Yale this weekend...

In the meantime, I also am starting to think about going a month without eating any baked goods, candy, or soda. I'd like to go down a few pounds before tri season really starts, but I don't want to be making big changes to my diet during this race season. I think I'll start in May...

Need to figure out what I'm doing with my life as well- I got into grad school here, so now it's a matter of how to go about paying for it, how long to take doing it, if I can race while doing it, and what kind of job I'll have. Yeesh.
My dad says that he thinks I should work enough to pay rent and expenses and take one class a semester for now, and really focus on racing while I can. My mom points out that I need health insurance, and wants me to go to grad school full time. The problem with that idea, of course, is that I can't afford full time grad school and I don't want to take out loans just yet. Not in this economy. So I'm just not sure. I keep putting off making decisions, but in my defense, grad school got back to me a month late, so I'm already behind. I know I'm living in New Brunswick, obviously, and I have a job tutoring and working at the computer labs. I just don't know what my course of action should be, and it makes me very nervous.

I'm just feeling beat this week- physically and mentally. At least the conference will provide a much needed break from real life for a while.

In more frivolous news, here is Don using the the changing skirt that I made for him (the one I made myself is pink with stars on it). I'm very proud of it, and so is he. ("Why would I change in a bathroom when I have this awesome skirt?")

Perhaps I can make a career out of this?

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Don said...

I'm Don, and I approve of this skirt