Thursday, April 30, 2009

I just rode in and boy my legs are tired!

So much riding outside in the good weather all this week! By Wednesday I had sort of snapped out of my slump, and Ricardo and I went on a modified A loop hill ride (3 big big hills and 33 or so miles of riding) after I had done a thirty minute run. I felt pretty solid on the hills, especially towards the end. As we were going up Washington Road, I realized that I wasn't working very hard at all, and still moving pretty quick, so I pushed a little harder and realized it was a lot easier than the other two hills had felt, even though it was longer and steeper with a wicked switchback.

Two and a half hours later, Ricardo and I made it home, tired but feeling good. I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich, stretched, and headed to the pool, where I swam for an hour and talked to the guy who used to run the Masters Swim program. They ceased to exist, but a lot of the members swim three times a week. I asked if I could tag along for a set sometime, and he said yes. I have reservations about it though- they use a ton of gear like flippers and I'm not crazy about that, plus (honestly) they didn't seem all that friendly. I think I'll continue to watch them from afar, though I will try to hang in when they're just doing freestyle sets. It'd be cool to have people to swim with and an actual swim workout that isn't just "swim for 60 minutes."

After that, I did a weight set and rode home. Felt pretty exhausted though, so I actually fell asleep while Robbie was rubbing my legs for me!

Found out that Karina can't race Saturday, so no team time trial for us- meaning that I can drive with my parents and Robbie on Saturday morning instead of leaving Friday night. It's a bummer we can't race, but at least it makes my life easier.

Today Karina and I went for a first bridge ride, after I spent the morning around New Brunswick and Piscataway running errands. We threw a few sprints into an otherwise relaxed ride (well, relaxed for us anyway). I'm going to be seriously bummed when she leaves for Germany for a few weeks!

I'm really psyched about the road race at Penn State this weekend, though I wish B women got to race more than 20 miles. But like Karina said, "you can just sprint the whole thing." The ECCC banquet Saturday night should be a lot of fun as well, and I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I'm going to seriously miss collegiate racing over the summer- it won't be the same at races without the usual cast of characters, and I'll especially miss my racing sister!! Don was right, we really are a family, and I'm going to be super homesick without them. At least cyclocross isn't too far off!

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