Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Weekend Without Racing Isn't a Weekend.

I had to miss Dartmouth this weekend, and I admit, I was pretty disappointed to not be racing. Still, it gave me a chance to catch up on a few things:
1. making changing skirts for the team
2. seeing the Hannah Montana movie with my sister
3. getting the new Triathlete magazine
4. finishing a Native American lit paper
5. fixing my front derailleur on the Cannondale because it wasn't shifting right
6. sitting on the porch with mom and chatting for a while

Also, 50 mile ride in the amazing weather yesterday! I went from my house to Stockton, passing through Frenchtown. Along the Delaware is relatively flat, but the ride to Frenchtown and then home again is very very hilly. And along the river was super windy! A bee hit me in the face as I was going down a hill and it felt like a rock.

I got an amazing sunburn/tan on my arms (pictures asap) so there's an amazingly prominent line where my jersey was. Awesome.

After the ride, I put on my sneakers and ran a few minutes to the Bagelsmith to get a Gatorade, leaving a hose in my trash can so by the time I got back, it was half full of very chilly water. I sloshed in and stayed there for a good half hour. Chilly!

The ice bath worked better than I could have hoped, and instead of being sore after the ride, I actually felt pretty good!

Today was less awesome. I had job training, so I woke up, hung out with the parents and worked on changing skirts, then headed to New Brunswick. Biked to Livingston for the job training, which lasted a few hours, and afterwards I went to the gym. Elliptical because I didn't want to run after yesterdays ride, since my hip was bothering me, then some weights, then elliptical again. My hip started hurting, so I switched to the stationary bike and just did some serious spinning for half an hour. It wasn't anywhere near as good as racing, but at least I didn't feel too lazy.

Went grocery shopping and stocked up on stuff like cottage cheese, strawberries, pineapple, and other healthy things that I can eat instead of cookies and candy at night. I also got Pure Protein chocolate bars, 20 g protein wiht only 200 calories, so when the chocolate cravings hit, I can have one of those. I think that even after this month, that's what I'll do. Honestly, they may not taste amazing but I don't really mind eating them instead of candy bars.

Two days without any crappy dessert food, so I'm doing good- let's just see if this VERY stressful week goes as well as this weekend. I have 2 papers, all of my tutoring students are on their last week and final papers so they'll be nuts, Robbie and I have to interview a guy for a class, I have to set up interviews for 2 different stores, meet with the woman I'm a research assistant for, Wednesday is the Somerset Wheelmen team meeting (I'm probably going to join them for racing this summer), and this weekend is the race at MIT, so I want to get in as many really solid rides as I can. It's going to be a rough week.

Is it next Sunday yet?

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