Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Less Than Stellar Monday

Today was amazing outside, but I think adjusting to this heat has made me feel sort of sluggish and down. Went for a short swim and did a weight set this morning. The weight set felt good but I was pretty exhausted by the time I got in the pool.

Got home, made oatmeal and got some work accomplished. Interviewed a guy about a Green Tech Ph.D program for an article I'm working on. I'm not a huge fan of phone interviews, but this one wasn't too bad. Now I just have to write the article...

Then, off to class. Nothing worse than a sweaty ride to an un-air-conditioned classroom. The ride was great but the class sucked, being tired and sweaty and generally uncomfortable. But afterwards, we got to stop at the farmer's market for tofu, honey, and watermelon. You know it's summer when you get to eat watermelon!!

Then, off to a 5pm first bridge with Don, Jay and another Rutgers Cycling dude (who's name I unfortunately totally forgot, oops)! I felt good riding, but mentally, it felt like something was just off. Maybe it was the heat, maybe I was just in a weird mood, but it was a pretty uninspired ride. I got a decent workout, but just wasn't happy about the ride in general- I just wasn't 'in the zone' I guess.

On the bright side, got to eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich for dinner.

Feeling sort of annoyed about my weight again. It's so hard to lose just a couple of pounds when every weekend I'm racing, so I can't really cut that many calories. Still, the eliminating junk food thing hasn't been too bad thus far, so I can't complain. If anything, I don't feel like I'm doing enough, but at the same time, cutting more calories will make me even more tired. I think once we move it'll be easier to clean up my diet even more. Right now, I'm doing all that I can, it's just hard to accept sometimes that my body is never going to get super skinny. I'm really muscular and I'm a small person, so while I have low body fat, I'm never going to be as skinny as some pros. On the up side, I really am starting to resemble a lot of elite female triathletes- the muscular ones at least. I have lost weight and my stomach and arms are slowly getting even more defined, it's just taking longer to see real results that I would have hoped. Still, it's not like I've been trying that long. It's just weird that with the insane amount of training that I do that I have any weight to lose, considering it's not like I eat all that much. Oh well.

So to sum up: crappy day on a lot of fronts. My legs feel beat, my self-esteem is gone, and I'm super frustrated.

Rant over. Tomorrow should be cheerier.

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