Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Gonna be a Loooong Summer

I'm officially a bi-team kinda gal. And by that, I mean I actually joined the Somerset Wheelmen (Team Somerset). I have an awesome new kit with stuff in women's sizes, which is fantastic, and some super cool armwarmers. But more important, I met a lot of really great people last night, and as it turns out, one of the women on the team actually went to high school with my mom's brother, and used to live in Annandale, so she grew up playing basketball and hanging out with my dad and his brother.

I found this out when she nudged me during the meeting and asked me "so, which one are you?" Oddly enough, being from Hunterdon County, I knew that the answer was "Dave's daughter, not Steve's." (This is a good thing, as the response is usually "Oh thank god.")

Long story short, I joined the team, am riding in their time trial on May 9, and am fully expecting to kick ass for this awesome bunch of serious cyclists. It's cool to (sorry to anyone on the team) hang out with older cyclists. I love the college kids, obviously, but there's a huge font of knowledge with this crew that I'm super psyched to tap into. There's an ex-bike shop owner that Betty told me can look at my bike fit, and a lot of people who know people at Bicycling magazine.

My (cycling) race season will now last all summer instead of ending May 3rd. Awesome.

Other than that, Wednesday was really good. Had a hour and a half trainer ride in the morning followed by a 30 min run for a short brick, and my legs felt really good after. No pain while running!

In fact, I did so well that in the afternoon I went running for 45 min with Stephanie. Then, off to the gym for 30 min of weights and a 30 min swim. By the swim, I was pretty beat though. I guess since I've cut out candy and chocolate, I'm taking in a lot less calories than I was before. I didn't realize just how much crap I was eating during the day between classes and work and training. So I'm trying to add on more snacks, but it's hard to think in terms of eating more while dieting. I did stop on the way home and got a Nesquick chocolate milk- protein and carbs, and while it's not a super low fat or healthy chocolate milk, it was the best the Krauzers had to offer and I had to make it to the Wheelmen meeting on time.

Moral of the story: all the fruits and veggies I've been eating are great, but with my training especially on Tuesday and Wednesday when it's over 4 hours, I really need to boost caloric intake by a lot if I'm not eating mini-Snickers between classes.

Today, Karina and I went for a ride, and I realized how much I'm going to miss her when she goes to Germany for a few weeks this summer! I have so few girlfriends, and NO other girlfriends to ride with. On the bright side, we talked about how much ass we're going to kick this weekend at the team time trial on Saturday at MIT. (75 and sunny is the forecast. Perfect.)

I made plans to go to SBR as soon as possible so Blake can help me find a wetsuit, so I'll be totally set for the 23rd. I'm also making plans for figuring out my life next year: meeting with the grad school advisor on Monday, talking to my boss soon, getting ready to move into Robbie and my new apartment in a little over a month.

Basic plan: pay rent, pay for school, race as much as possible, freelance as much as possible, have an amazing tri season this summer, and take care of my apartment/kitchen starting in June. It'll be great.

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