Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby We Were Born To Run!

Dad and I pre-ride yesterday:
Today was so nice and warm! I had to spend the morning doing online class and internship stuff, and then I had tutoring orientation. When I went outside to bike to the tutoring place, I realized just how beautiful it was out! I spent the whole orientation (learning how to be a minimalist tutor, etc.) just wishing I could get outside. As soon as I got out, I raced back to the house, threw on shorts and a tshirt and headed out to run.

I was only supposed to run 30 min today, but since I took the morning off from cycling, I decided to just utilize the warm weather and go 10k. It was so muddy, but so much fun. I came back with my legs, shoes, and shorts completely mud covered.

It was great. When it's nice out, I forget that my hip and knee hurt, that my stomach hurts, that I'm tired, et cetera. I'm just listening to Bruce Springsteen and going.

Added bonus: I improved my time by 2 minutes, without even trying! I am getting better... Just with my stupid knee injury it's been slow going. At least there are improvements though.

However, I still am getting really weird bruises on my legs. For example, this one on my other uninjured leg. Weird.

Anyway, after my run I had a protein bar and headed to the gym, where I spun for half an hour and did weights for the same. Then it got interesting as Don and I attempted to swim at 6.

First, as I was getting into my suit, I managed to walk into a door, a bench, my own open locker and hit my head on the sink.

All of the lanes were full when we got there, and we waited a frustrated 20 minutes, watching 3 kids swim a lap and hang out for 5 minutes before swimming another. What a hassle.

Don "politely" asked when they were getting out, and they said they had no plans to get out. The whole last half of the pool was closed, but it turned out that the sign was erroneously there. We finally got in the last lane after a chat with the lifeguard, and proceeded to get shoved so close to the buoys that we were swimming in about a 1 yard space. A huge guy got in and just started treading water right where we were swimming, and of course, his girlfriend got in and they commenced with making out and treading water. Excellent.

45 frustrated minutes later, we got out. If I had been stuck by myself, it would have royally sucked, but at least we could laugh about it. It's pretty cool having people to train with.

Of course, what wasn't cool was the locker room after the swim: the aquasize class (full of large women) and all of the kid's swim classes ended as we got out, so it was jammed and annoying as all hell.

Got home, and now eating mac and cheese and soy nuggets. Woo!

Some pictures before my ride yesterday:

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