Thursday, February 19, 2009

Less Painful, Still Optimistic

Let's talk about cornering. But first, a word from Don: (via an email to the team yesterday)
Molly, being the only one to ride with me today, is a total stud handler now. She holds her line through corners, bumps elbows and shoulders and hips, and rides supersmooth.

Where were you? We missed you!
It's nice to get some positive reinforcement! But seriously, I learned a ton, and I feel significantly more confident about being able to race this season. Need to practice more, but I think I have a handle on it now. No braking unless absolutely necessary!

Then I sat around and watched Frasier and let my legs rest. Weird feeling, being relaxed in the middle of the week. Not entirely bad! Then, called Dad and talked about "the future" for a while. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do, but main plans include:
  1. Getting my Masters in English Education
  2. Starting to teach ASAP
  3. Starting a tri club, getting certified as a coach
  4. Racing (bikes and tris) as much as possible
  5. Buying a house somewhere in Jersey in a training-friendly area
  6. Freelancing as much as possible

Legs are feeling a lot better as well, though still a little tight. Yoga on Tuesday, swimming Wednesday and Thursday, plus taking it easy have done wonders.

Lifted with the team on Wednesday night, had a great time- my legs felt fantastic afterwards, but more importantly, I actually had fun hanging out with everyone! I can't say it enough, I really love finally having a group of people to work out with.

Thursday morning, managed an hour and a half on the trainer, which was very exciting since I didn't cramp at all. Hooray! Went to the gym and lifted with Dad. Don got to meet him and see where I got my good looks. Then, Don, a Charlie I had not met, and I went swimming, and I got to show off my super-awesome swimsuit again (pictures to come asap, I promise!)

Good times.

Tomorrow's my serious rest day/work day, and hopefully Saturday I'll be running. In the meantime, some very serious planning to ensue...

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