Monday, February 23, 2009

Doing Better, Thankfully.

Woke up yesterday expecting the worst, but surprisingly was walking around pretty easily. Decided to not push it and just did 45 min of free weights and bosu ball workout with an hour and a half on the stepper.

Dad and I decided to spend the morning on a TV hunt, so we went to Circuit City, Target and Walmart comparing TVs with built-in DVD players. It's almost impossible to find a normal non-wall-hanging set, so that's probably what we'll end up having to do. Of course, we'll keep my crappy 13 inch VCR combo TV for the other room in the apartment, so we can watch Terminator 2 and all of my Scooby Doo movie collection!

After the browsing, Dad and I had lunch at Panera and spent a good thirty minutes discussing the Doonesbury characters from the 70s and where they are today in the comic. Awesome.

My personal favorite:

Such a good series. Especially during the Vietnam War and the oil shortages. Great stuff.

Less than 2 weeks until race season, still nervous about that. And terrified about what to do about the marathon- quitting isn't really a concept I'm fond of/good at doing, so if I don't go, it'll really hurt. But at least I could race at U Del that weekend with the team, so I wouldn't be doing nothing. It would be a let down though, not to mention annoying since I already paid for the race. But a 7 hour drive to be dying by mile 10 isn't worth it, and I realize that. Plus, I hate to wreck my legs running and ruin my biking season. I'm hoping the spors medicine guy tomorrow has some insights.

I need to focus on some projects now, like my internship, the tri club, freelancing, and working on my personal writing a little more. I've been so tunnel-vision on training lately I've let my intellectual side kind of fall behind. No longer! I'm still a total nerd at heart.

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