Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pro/Con List of the Day

So yesterday read like a pro/con list, which is sad in and of itself. For example:
Pro: got whole wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese and a Mountain Dew for breakfast (treating myself since I have an 8 am class)
Con: Spilled soda all over myself and my stuff
Pro: I got a knee brace for free
Con: I also had to go in for more bloodwork and a urine sample, thanks to some unhappy test results from Tuesday
Pro: watching season 8 of Frasier
Con: DVD got stuck in the computer. Rutgers Comp services says they'd charge at least $135 to get it out
Pro: Robbie and I figured out how to get it out using a nail file and nimble fingers, without damaging the computer or DVD
Con: my legs hurt and I had to stop a long run
Pro: on the treadmill at night, I realize if I run faster, they don't hurt
Con: the knee brace they gave me is so freaking sweaty and uncomfortable
Pro: laid around on the grass listening to Sister Christian while waiting for Robbie outside of a class
Con: swimming alone at the gym sucks
Pro: weightlifting with the team is awesome

It was weird- it felt like I should have been in a terrible mood, but I was actually feeling pretty good all day.

The doctor called me in the morning to say my muscle enzyme levels were really high and he wants to check and make sure my kidneys are functioning ok. My liver function is up too, but that's probably a side product of the muscle enzymes. It's funny, since i was writing about muscle enzyme elevation in athletes for a blog in my other class. The knee brace he prescribed is working pretty well though, and I'm trying to make an effort to stretch more.

So my arm has a bunch of needlepricks in it from bloodwork, but hopefully we'll have a few answers sometime next week.

The new Triathlete was exactly what I needed to read: an amazing picture of the winners at the Thailand triathlon, where everyone looks so happy and so proud, and then a letter from the editor talking about how he never wants to DNF a race, and how he thinks about the Lance Armstrong quote "pain is temporary, quitting is forever." it's really inspired me to think positively about hte marathon coming up. I wish I was confident about that and about cycling and the season, but truth be told, I'm scared to death. It's not getting hurt that I'm worried about, it's looking stupid or messing up or not being good enough.

I have to get over it though. I've dedicated way too much time to even entertain the thought of not doing very well all season. I just hope my legs can cooperate with my brain and just get moving! It's hard to accept limitations, especially when weird stuff is happening to my legs and I don't even know why it's happening. Last week when Dad and I were running and I had to stop, I started crying and just yelling "it's not fair!" because I don't understand what else I can do to get better.

Off to public health class, and then Stuff Yer Face for dinner- Robbie had a gift card and we haven't grocery shopped all week, so we're sorta stuck going there. At least it's a decent way to end a long week of classes!

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