Friday, February 27, 2009

Great Book!

I just finished We Might As Well Win by Johan Bruynell (with Bill Strickland) and I loved it! Normally I'm not much for actually reading about pro sports, even triathlon or cycling, but this was just what I needed right now.

Some Quotes from it:
If you’re going to expend that first big block of effort and energy to participate, you might as well go ahead and give whatever it takes to win.

Muscle power without mental power means nothing.

If you’re breathing, you still have a chance to win.

I love it! It came at exactly the right time, when I'm questioning my ability to race, both cycling and in the marathon. Obviously, I wasn't planning on quitting the team or anything, just getting nervous about being able to hold my own. However, I really was thinking about dropping out of the marathon. I think I'm staying in the game though.

I've been feeling better now that I'm not taking aspirin at all, and I think my bruises are actually healing faster! The ones on my legs are almost gone, and the one from all the bloodwork is actually healed already! And cutting down on my various meds for IBS has helped, I think. My stomach has been doing ok, and I feel better in general.

My mood has also improved as I've finished the flyer for the tri team and started a blog and an online survey for it:

Like the logo I designed?

Hopefully I can get some feedback soon so I can start figuring out logistics, planning, and getting stuff in order to really kick off. I decided ideally we'll be up and running by May/June and planning to enter one major Hunterdon County race with most of our racers by September- this includes people new to tris, but I figure if we don't have time to work on open water swims (the hardest part to deal with, I think) we can still get them in the duathlon sections or on relay teams.

Thank God it's Friday, and therefore, pizza night.

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