Friday, February 6, 2009

Muffins for Breakfast!

Spending a ton more time training lately, and it’s finally starting to pay off. My knees are starting to hurt less, same with my hip.Wednesday , I ran almost double what I ran last week but with no pain. Of course, the tradeoff is constant tiredness and ache-y legs every night, but it’s worth it. It’s going to have to get cut back soon though- base training on the bike is almost over, which means we have to get a lot more serious about bike training, and it’ll be the same amount of time, but a lot more energy expounded. I just hope I can keep up!

Wednesday was lifting with the team in the gym, which was first and foremost good for my legs, but second, it was a great time to actually get to know the guys a little better. Also did swimming, biking and running. Charlie was one of the first guys that got to the gym to lift at 9:30, and when I said I’d been working out for about 4 hours already, he looked confused and then said, “oh right, you’re the triathlete.”

Yesterday I admit it was too damn cold to want to ride outside, plus Dad was coming early to hit the gym. So poor Don had to ride in the cold by himself (not my fault but I still feel bad!) while Dad and I rode to the gym on our mountain bikes. Even that short ride made my eyes and face hurt! Decent weight set and a run on the treadmill plus cooldown on the elliptical, but my knee was a little weird. On the treadmill it would hurt for a second or two and feel like it popped out of the socket, and then it would be fine again. What a hassle! At least for the most part, it seems ok.

Today I’m getting new sneakers! I’m really excited about it, since I think that my old sneakers are part of the reason my legs hurt so much when I run.

I’m also hoping to get some tips on bike fit for me, since I can’t actually bring my bike in on the train during peak hours. And hopefully a transition bag. Also, maybe looking at tri bikes- Dad and I talked about maybe splitting the cost of one, as a graduation/birthday present.

Also, these are the booties that are making my life significantly better, though hopefully I won't have to use them at all Sunday if the weather reports are true- biking 100 miles in 60 degree weather sounds awesome.

I've been having bagel cravings lately... go figure. I think my caloric intake needs to get boosted a little, so I don't really mind.

Anyway, back to work!

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