Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why I Hate Styrofoam.

So, I had a bit of a fall this morning on our 27 miles a-loop. I was doing ok, a little behind but feeling pretty strong on all of the hills, until this stupid piece of styrofoam escaped my sight and I went over it, flipping and running just about into Charlie, who managed to swerve to avoid running over my head with his back wheel, getting my shoulder instead. As you can see, that impact ripped my jersey, my shirt under it, and my shoulder. I slammed my hands, hip and shoulder on the ground as well, and my other leg hit into the top tube of my bike, since my new pedals are tight ad didn't unclip when I fell. I have a ton of road rash in a lot of places, my hands are bruised, but the worst part was ripping my jersey, gloves and lovely new booties. Breaking out the duct tape this weekend!

Anyway, I survived the rest of the ride home, though it hurt like hell. My legs are incredibly sore though. I showered very painfully, and put a ton of neosporin on all of my cuts and scrapes.

But barring that, it was a really good and (I think) effective ride. It was pretty good, and I felt really great until the fall.

Yesterday was great though- woke up, did some light weight stuff and various crunches, and then I went to Princeton to see my internship director type for breakfast, ate a bagel, had an awesome time, and made it back in time for my first tutoring session. I admit, I was itching for it to be done, since it was really warm and nice out (if you consider 45 degrees warm) so I wanted to run.

Got to run for an hour and wear my shorts, which was great since my legs are so damn white! Of course, they're also dry as hell from the wind when I rode on Sunday, and from swimming so much.

Speaking of swimming, I got to swim with Don again after an elliptical warmup, though he forgot his goggles (hmm, and he makes fun of me for forgetting sunglasses on Sunday's ride!) so he had to aquajog the whole time. So I swam for an hour and then jogged with him for 15 minutes. As always, it's so much more fun to swim with someone instead of alone.

In all, good day yesterday, bad start to a day today. I'm sore, taking it easy this morning, eating a protein bar and moping. And I have a paper to write. I think the hour at the gym is getting kicked off the schedule and I'm just going to do some yoga if I'm up to it. I felt tired waking up this morning, so now I'm feeling a lot crappier than I was then. Yuck.

Hopefully today gets better and all these cuts and scrapes heal really really fast.

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